Gain (Loss) on Sale of Assets (SF.IS.GainOnSaleOfAssets)

Gain (Loss) on Sale of Assets (SF.IS.GainOnSaleOfAssets) refers to gains/losses on sale of fixed assets that were used for operational activities. Gain (Loss) on Sale of Assets (SF.IS.GainOnSaleOfAssets) also refers to gains/losses on the sale of stakes in group companies.

Gain (Loss) on Sale of Assets (SF.IS.GainOnSaleOfAssets) is used for items that are reported in the non-operating section of the income statement, or in the single-step (total income/total expense) format of the income statement.

In a few scenarios,a company may present the value of impairment which cannot be related to the face of the income statement, or to the notes to values reported on the face under the results discussed by management or under footnote-  Gain (Loss) on Sale of Assets, Supplemental (SF.IS.LossOnSaleOfAssetsSuppl).

Gain (Loss) on Sale of Assets (SF.IS.GainOnSaleOfAssets) includes:

  • Sale of group businesses, such as consolidated and unconsolidated subsidiaries, affiliates, associates, joint ventures, or other minority stakes in group companies and Sale of a business division
  • Gain or loss on disposal of discontinued operations, if reported above income before taxes
  • Disposal of assets (other than goods for sale, investment securities or hedging instruments)
  • Sale of intangibles and property/equipment
  • Gains/losses arising from an exchange or abandonment of fixed assets and on the sale of fixed assets reported within the cost of goods sold
  • Gain/loss on the sale of investment properties, for companies reporting in the U.S. GAAP or in other standards that treat these as tangible assets

Gain (Loss) on Sale of Assets (SF.IS.GainOnSaleOfAssets) does not include: