Accrued Expenses (SF.BS.AccruedExpenses)

Accrued Expenses (SF.BS.AccruedExpenses) refers to Operational Expenses that have become due but have not been paid yet.

Accrued Expenses (SF.BS.AccruedExpenses) includes:

  • Interest payable, accrued interest expenses in companies other than commercial banks
  • Accrued insurance expenses, accrued advertising expenses
  • Wages/salaries payable, accrued payroll, payroll taxes payable, accrued compensation expenses, accrued profit sharing
  • Income real estate taxes, accrued property taxes (other than income taxes)
  • Professional fees payable, royalties payable
  • Rent payable
  • Obligations from right-of-use contracts related to operating leases
  • Short-term obligations from right-of-use contracts that are not specified as related to financial (capital) or operating leases – treated as operating leases in the United States

Accrued Expenses (SF.BS.AccruedExpenses) does not include: