Cash and Cash Equivalents (SF.BS.Cash_Equivalents)

Cash and Cash Equivalents (SF.BS.Cash_Equivalents) refers to short-term, highly liquid assets that can be easily converted to defined amounts of cash. These assets are very close to their maturity and have negligible risk of changes in interest rates. Investments with original maturities of three months or less are included here. When cash is delineated separately it is classified as Cash (SF.BS.Cash), rather than as Cash and Equivalents (SF.BS.Cash_Equivalents).

Cash and Cash Equivalents (SF.BS.Cash_Equivalents) includes:

  • Deposits with financial service companies other than commercial banks
  • Short-term paper and CD’s with maturity less than 3 months
  • Money market funds
  • Cash, when combined with highly liquid investments

Cash and Cash Equivalents (SF.BS.Cash_Equivalents) does not include: