Inventories – Finished Goods (SF.BS.Inventories_FinishedGoods)

Inventories – Finished Goods (SF.BS.Inventories_FinishedGoods) refers to inventories of unsold finished goods on hand. The goods may have been produced internally or purchased for resale.
When there is no specific segregation of inventories among finished goods, work-in-progress, and raw materials, Sentieo refers to it as Total Inventory (SF.BS.TotalInventory).

Inventories – Finished Goods (SF.BS.Inventories_FinishedGoods) includes:

  • Merchandise in transit
  • Any item that is available for sale
  • Iron ore in metal mining companies
  • Coal in coal mining companies
  • Gold bullion in gold mining companies
  • Oil extracted in oil and gas exploration companies
  • Unbilled revenue (services rendered) in companies other than utility companies, reported within inventories

Inventories – Finished Goods (SF.BS.Inventories_FinishedGoods) does not include: