Machinery/Equipment – Gross (SF.BS.MachineryEquipmentGross)

Machinery/Equipment – Gross (SF.BS.MachineryEquipmentGross) refers to the acquisition cost of machinery and other equipment (including delivery equipment, office equipment, machinery, furniture and fixtures, furnishings, factory equipment, tools, etc.) in a company, before subtracing accumulated depreciation.

Machinery/Equipment – Gross (SF.BS.MachineryEquipmentGross) includes:

  • Software (acquired/capitalized) as an integral part of computers and equipment to be operated – if reported within property, plant and equipment
  • Gas pipeline facilities for long-distance transmission owned by gas utility companies (non-utility facility)
  • Automobiles for own use in auto/truck manufacturers
  • Government grants for acquisition of certain machinery/equipment Machinery/Equipment

Machinery/Equipment – Gross (SF.BS.MachineryEquipmentGross) does not include: