Notes Receivable – Short-Term (SF.BS.NotesReceivable_ST)

Notes Receivable – Short-Term (SF.BS.NotesReceivable_ST) refers to promissory notes accepted in exchange for goods sold or services rendered by a company to customers in the normal course of business.

Receivables from customers qualify as “current” if its maturities are within one year or one operating cycle, whichever is longer. Consequently, there are no non-current trade notes receivable. When a non-differentiated balance sheet is utilized, receivables are classified as Notes Receivable – Long Term (SF.BS.NoteReceivableLT).

Notes Receivable – Short-Term (SF.BS.NotesReceivable_ST) includes:

  • Loans to customers (gross or net of provision for loan losses) in non-banking financial service companies
  • Provision for loan losses on loans to customers in non-banking financial service companies (shown as a negative figure)
  • Finance leases in real estate operations companies
  • Current portion of long-term notes receivable
  • Commercial paper discounted as investments in non-banking financial service companies

Notes Receivable – Short-Term (SF.BS.NotesReceivable_ST) does not include: