Pension Benefits – Underfunded (SF.BS.PensionBenefits_Underfunded)

Pension Benefits – Underfunded (SF.BS.PensionBenefits_Underfunded) refers to the valuation of a pension fund which does not have enough funds to support the Expected Liabilities.

The field also includes potential one-off adjustments from changes in regulations or in the company’s stipulated policies which lead to additional obligations and subsequent wider gap from under-contribution.

Pension Benefits – Underfunded (SF.BS.PensionBenefits_Underfunded) includes:

  • Minimum pension liabilities
  • Postretirement benefit liabilities
  • Employee benefits other non-pension benefits when the pension plans cannot be separated from other benefits
  • Deferred benefits
  • Directors’ retirement plans

Pension Benefits – Underfunded (SF.BS.PensionBenefits_Underfunded) does not include:

  • Termination benefits, severance payments, jubilee awards and other employee benefits not related to pensions or post retirement (SF.BS.Reserves)