Policy Benefits/Liabilities (SF.CF.PolicyBenefits_Liabilities)

Policy Benefits/Liabilities (SF.CF.PolicyBenefits_Liabilities) refers to the change in Reserve for Future Policy Benefits. The reserves for life insurance and other policies are estimated using several actuarial factors.

Policy Benefits/Liabilities (SF.CF.PolicyBenefits_Liabilities) includes:

  • Changes in benefits reserves, mathematical reserves, future policy benefits reserves and policyholders’ funds.

Policy Benefits/Liabilities (SF.CF.PolicyBenefits_Liabilities) does not include:

  • Changes in benefits/claims which is payable to policyholders (shown in” Accrued Expenses” (SF.CF.AccruedExpensesChange))
  • Reserves maintained for future policy benefits, when not reported separately from other insurance reserves (shown in Insurance Reserves (SF.CF.InsuranceReservesChange))