Labor & Related Expenses (SF.IS.LaborRelatedExp_Banks)

Labor & Related Expenses (SF.IS.LaborRelatedExp_Banks) refers to expenses paid to employees of a bank in the form of salaries, wages, fees, benefits or in any other form of compensation.

Labor & Related Expenses (SF.IS.LaborRelatedExp_Banks) includes:

  • Payroll/Salary/Benefits/,
  • Directors’ fees, compensation to officers,
  • Bonus/stock-based compensation to employees, P
  • ension benefits and post-retirement benefits
  • Profit sharing, stock option costs,
  • Retirement payment expenses,
  • Severance costs in the usual course of business,
  • Commissions to sales staff, Contracted labor expenses,
  • ESOP contribution,
  • Payroll taxes and social security levies

Labor & Related Expense (SF.IS.LaborRelatedExp_Banks) does not include: