Other Expense (SF.IS.OtherExp)

Other Expense (SF.IS.OtherExp) refers to non-interest expense from banking other than the following items:

Other Expense(SF.IS.OtherExp) includes general and administrative expenses other than listed above, such as:

  • Advertising/promotion/marketing/business development expenses, travel, entertainment, ATM expenses, fees for services by other banks, Accounting, auditing, consulting, legal, management and other professional fees
  • ATM Expenses, fees for service by other banks
  • Building occupancy, rent, leases/rent/maintenance expenses of furniture and other equipment
  • Business taxes, franchise taxes and fees, state franchise taxes, and other non-income taxes
  • Charitable contribution
  • Communications, data processing, computer processing, postage, stationery, printing, supplies, technology, telephone expenses
  • Credit card processing expenses, loan processing fees
  • FDIC premiums/assessment, SAIF insurance, and other deposit insurance premiums paid
  • Loss on foreclosed assets and its related expenses (not including fixed assets for own uses)
  • General and administrative expenses, Non-interest expense that has not been individually classified and Fee & Commission from Operations Expense

Other Expense (SF.IS.OtherExp) does not include: