Other Non-Utility Revenue (SF.IS.OtherNonUtilityRevenue)

Other Non-Utility Revenue (SF.IS.OtherNonUtilityRevenue) refers to revenue from activities that are either non-regulated or non-utility regulated. Other Non-Utility Revenue (SF.IS.OtherNonUtilityRevenue) is usually used as a counter figure for inter-department revenue, whereby a company lists revenue from each department and eliminates inter-department sales to derive total revenue.

Other Non-Utility Revenue (SF.IS.OtherNonUtilityRevenue) includes:

  • Gain/loss on trading energy
  • Sale of electric/gas equipment
  • Sale of propane/LPG
  • Sale of gas from a subsidiary in the gas exploration/refining business
  • Revenue from operating activities of a subsidiary with businesses other than utility (such subsidiaries may have businesses in manufacturing, services, or financial service
  • Equity in affiliates/minority interests (gains or losses arising from minority stakes held by the company in other businesses) – reported in the revenue section by Utility companies

Other Non-Utility Revenue (SF.IS.OtherNonUtilityRevenue) does not include: