Restructuring Charges (SF.IS.RestructuringCharge_Banks)

Restructuring Charges (SF.IS.RestructuringCharge_Banks) refers to expenses associated with the reorganization of certain functions, regrouping of divisions or closing of a facility/branch. These expenses may include the consolidation of divisions, relocation of facilities and/or employees, and other non-recurring employee termination costs.

In a few scenarios,a company may present the value of impairment which cannot be related to the face of the income statement, or to the notes to values reported on the face under the results discussed by management or under footnote–Restructuring Charge, Supplemental (SF.IS.RestructuringChargeSuppl).

Restructuring Charges (SF.IS.RestructuringCharge_Banks) includes:

  • Non-recurring/one-off/unusual severance payment expenses

Restructuring Charges (SF.IS.RestructuringCharge_Banks) does not include: