Sentieo v2.8

We’re happy to announce that our June update comes with yet more improvements across the entire platform thanks to your continued valuable input. Please don’t hesitate to utilize the Live Support with any questions or feedback you may have.

You can view all previous release notes here.

International Financial Data has been released out of Beta

Sentieo now has financial data available in our News Stream and Plotter.  We also added coverage of Brazil, Russia and several countries in Europe to cover most of the continent.  We added: Austria, Czech Republic, Sweden, Slovenia, Portugal, Denmark, Belgium and Norway.  Previous releases include the addition of Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, UK, Netherlands, India, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, South Korea, and Australia.

Fiscal year and quarterly date information is now visible in the search results

Annual and quarterly filings now contain the corresponding fiscal year and quarter information in the search results:

Exclude a specific company from your search results

Searches can be filtered to exclude specific companies from your search results by adding an exclamation mark ‘!’ preceding the company ticker (ex. !AAPL). For example, Apple has partnered with large mobile carriers such as AT&T and Sprint to sell its iPhones. By running a search for the term iphone sales and excluding the company Apple from our search results, we can focus the search on what Apple partners are saying about iPhone sales rather than what the company Apple is saying about iphone sales:

Complete list of updates:


  • Fiscal year and quarterly date information now visible in search results
  • Exclude a ticker from your search

Improvements & Fixes

  • [Beta] Section search now allows for selecting multiple sections
  • Improved custom redlining
  • Improved UI to allow for searching additional years beyond the default 2 years by pressing Search Additional Years at the end of your search results.
  • Improved filter interactions
  • Ability to edit saved searches
  • Ability to edit and delete labels



  • Rename tags: Ability to rename and delete tags and labels directly from your list of labels in the notebook navigation menu.
  • Filing time stamps: We’ve added next document titles in your Highlight Notes originating from Doc Search.
  • Mobile app deep-linking for share notification emails: Clicking the View in Sentieo button on your mobile device will now open the corresponding note in your Sentieo Notebook app.
  • Multi file uploader: The single file uploader has been improved to support uploading multiple documents to your notebook as well as the ability to tag and share these documents — all from the same menu.
  • Note conversion status message: When emailing or uploading content to your notebook, you will see status messages indicating whether the content conversion process is processing, completed or has failed.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Bookmarking: Ability to unbook a bookmark from Doc Search.
  • Insert Highlights: Insert Highlights now supports the ability to filter for multiple labels at the same time.
  • Viewing team highlights: Ability to see highlights made by teammates in clipped and email notes.
  • RMS dashboards: Various bug fixed and improvements focused on stability.


Improvements & Fixes

  • Sentieo Index is now expressed in units of Revenue growth
  • Fixed Alexa tooltips bug
  • Fixed missing data dashboard bug

Equity Data Terminal


  • International Financial data can now be found on our News Stream and Plotter, in addition to our Equity Data Terminal.
  • International Financial Data: We have added financial data for the following countries: Brazil (bz), Russia (ru), and most of Europe that wasn’t previously covered, including: Austria (av), Czech Republic (cp), Sweden (ss), Slovenia (sv), Portugal (pl), Denmark  (dc), Belgium (bb) and Norway (no).

Our previous releases of international financial data and fundamentals included the following markets – Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, UK, Netherlands, India, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, South Korea, and Australia.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Added currency labels to financial model, financial metrics, segment data and fundamentals section
  • Improved process to identify stock splits
  • Fixed incorrect ADR tagging for international stocks
  • Fixed issues for a few ADRs which were being shown as quarterly but were semi-annual reporting
  • AFFO/share measure fixed for REITs
  • Trading multiples chart was not showing data for farther previous years. This has been fixed.
  • Negative multiples will not be shown in tables anymore
  • Currency selector added in comparable analysis
  • Interim ROE, ROA and ROIC ratios have been fixed
  • Earnings surprise graph has been fixed for ADRs and international tickers

Table Extraction

Improvements & Fixes

  • You reported bugs, we fixed them.  👍

Screener (beta)

A number of useful fields were added to the screener, and the tool to let user create their own fields (hybrid series) was improved with additional functionalities.

New Fields Added:

  • Solvency ratios  (Current Ratio, Quick Ratio, Cash Ratio )
  • Operational performance ratios (SG&A % of Sales, R&D % of Sales, D&A % of Sales)
  • Working capital ratios (Days Sales Outstanding, Days Payable Outstanding, Days inventory Outstanding, Cash conversion cycle, etc.)
  • Capitalization and Capital utilization ratios (Fixed Asset Turnover, Debt / Cash Flow, P/FCF, Dividend payout ratio, etc.)
  • Do you own ratio (improved!) Hybrid series let you create you own series based on those available by default. To allow for more flexibility, we have added on top of the usual operations of plus, minus, divide and multiply, as well as the ability to use an exponent (^).

Improvements & Fixes

  • Filter index/numbering fixed
  • Min/max values added for hybrid series



  • We added international findata to Plotter
  • New series: Plotter also now can display all the new metrics which were added to screener
  • Table extraction auto-updating: any customer series you create from document search will now automatically update when a new filing comes out

Improvements & Fixes

  • Fixed trimmed outliers bug
  • Fixed axis manager to be compatible with merge y-axis toggle
  • Improved templates functionality
  • Update transcript sentiment data

Excel Plugin


  • FX Formula builder: We have added currencies to the Excel plugin (all 160+ of them!). We also introduced a dedicated formula builder for FX to help users learn the syntax quickly.
  • Templates library: We are introducing the template library. Users can now access multiple templates which leverage on our Excel plugin, directly from the Excel plugin menu.

The Initial list of templates includes the following:

  • Full financial model: a nicely presented financial model, which is close to what you would get from the sell-side analysts.
  • Tearsheets: One page summary of a company with a description and the key financial items you may want to print prior to dashing into a meeting. We provide 2 versions: a simple one and a more complete version with more useful data.
  • Peer group analysis: Type a ticker and get several comprehensive comparables analysis tables to consider various aspects of a company versus its peers.
  • DuPont Analysis: The well-recognised company performance methodology in one spreadsheet.

We will be pushing over the coming weeks and months multiple new useful templates. Users will not need to take any action to see the new templates when they become available.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Extensive stability enhancement and bug fixes across the product.
  • Ability to call multiple tickers and multiple fields in a single formula: Following multiple client requests, we have added the ability to call multiple tickers and/or multiple fields in one formula. A user can now for example type the following formula to get Apple’s revenue, ebit, and EPS for the periods from 1Q15 to 1Q17 all in one table:
  • =snt(“aapl”,”revenue,ebit,ibeseps”,”1Q2015″,”1Q2017″) 
  • Formulas to retrieve a period’s date of earnings announcement, or its end date: These formulas were there but buggy. We fixed them.
Updated on August 15, 2017

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