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Broker Research Manager

Get up and running faster with the Broker Research Manager.

Use the Broker Research Manager to select brokers relevant to your coverage from our library of over 1300 brokers.

You can also check the status of your entitlement requests in real-time so you know which brokers you need to nudge for approval.

Access Broker Research Manager

To get started open the Document Search Sources filter and select Research Reports.  Click Broker Research Manager.

Edit Brokers in Document Search

Filter the brokers by clicking on a category on the left or searching for a keyword on the right.  You can select individual brokers by clicking the check box in the relevant rows or select all brokers at once by clicking the check box in the table header.  Once you have made your selections click + Add to My Brokers.  The selected feeds will now be available in the Document Search Source filter.

Update Your Selections

If your selections are generating too much noise you can remove brokers by toggling to the My Brokers view and selecting one or more brokers to delete.  Brokers can be added back immediately at any time.

Check Entitlement Status

To see your real-time entitlement status toggle to My Entitlement Requests.

Entitlement Status Change E-Mail Updates

You can get a daily summary of entitlement status updates via email. This will help you be aware of any changes (approvals/ declined) to your entitlement requests that occurred the previous day.

You can turn on/off this feature from the System Alerts options in settings menu. Refer to screenshot below.



What if I do not see a broker I work with?

Please contact Customer Success. Sentieo is always adding new content, and we are happy to work with your existing research providers to onboard their content for you.

What if my entitlement request status does not update?

Most requests will be updated within 5 business days.  If your request has been stagnant for longer than that, please contact Customer Success.

Updated on May 11, 2022

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