Category Search

One of the best ways to leverage Sentieo’s natural language processing capabilities is through our custom defined categories.

A Category is a set of keywords which are not synonyms but have similar meanings or constructs.  Category search allows you to search for an entire class using one search term.

For example, rather than searching for “Monday OR Tuesday OR Wednesday OR Thursday OR Friday OR Saturday OR Sunday” category search allows you to search for ~DayOfWeek.  Similarly, it would be impossible to specify the infinite amount of numbers as individual search terms, but the ~Number category lets you search for all numbers.

Enter ~ into the query box to see the list of available categories.  Click the desired category to add it to your query.

category start screen

Combine categories with your search terms and Boolean operators to build complex queries.

category query

Categories are also useful for searching within a document.

category within doc query

Updated on October 21, 2019

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