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Collaborate on a Watchlist

In our efforts to make the platform more collaborative and easier to use, we are excited to release the new sharing workflow with an option to assign different permission levels on a watchlist. Now multiple people can collaborate on the same watchlist via the Watchlist Manager interface OR the Price Monitor Widget in the Sentieo Dashboard on the web platform. And further customers can collaborate on a shared Dashboard.

Share a watchlist with a person or team

How to access and edit the shared watchlist

There are two ways, one can edit a shared watchlist:

  1. Navigate to the shared watchlist section on the left pane in the Watchlist Manager and if you have the edit rights, you can quickly make changes to the watchlist
  2. Pull in a shared watchlist in the Sentieo Dashboard and edit it through Price Monitor Widget. You can also further share the dashboard within your team and then collaborate on the dashboard.

Request Edit Access on a Watchlist

You can also request edit access on a watchlist very easily. This will shoot an email to the watchlist owner asking for edit access and you will be notified via email as soon as the owner gives you permission to edit the watchlist.


Make a copy

Onboarding a new member of the team? Want to save them the time to create a watchlist? 

You can now make a copy of your watchlist in a team member’s account with a single click via Share Menu. This will create a new watchlist in your team member’s accounts which they can start editing right away without any concerns about disturbing your watchlist.

Export Change Logs

You can also see all the changes made in any watchlist by simply downloading a CSV File. Go to the three-bar menu on the top left of the screen and select “Export Change Logs”

Note: Alerts are NOT shared with the watchlist




Updated on May 26, 2021

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