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Comments Widget in Dashboard

We have introduced a new way to track your notebook comments in Dashboard using the Comments Widget.

Comments widget will help you to:

  • Integrate notebook comments with dashboard
  • Track all notebook comments activity easily
  • Identify comments you have been mentioned in
  • Aggregate the workflow and easily track activities by the rest of the team, specially useful for PMs and CIOs
  • Ability to filter comments by your mentions, note author, note type, team with the note has been shared, etc

How to add comments widget

  • Go to ‘Dashboard’
  • Click on ‘Add Widget’
  • Click on ‘Notes and Research Management’
  • Click on ‘Comments’
  • Click on ‘Add Selected Widgets’

Different parts of comments widget

Filters available in the comments widget:

To apply a filter:

  • Go to Comments Widget
  • Click on Filter Icon in the top right

Following filters are supported in the comments widget

  • Mentions – Filter where the user is @ mentioned in a comment
  • Comment Author – Filter comments written by specific user(s)
  • Note Type – Filter comments on specific note type(s). Example: Filter on thesis comments in a widget instance and on other note type comments in another widget instance. Users can configure different comment widgets on the dashboard for different use cases.
  • Note Category – Filter comments on specific note category(ies)
  • Note Author – Filter comments on notes created by specific user(s). This filter lets the users see comments that are related to documents where they are the author.
  • Team – Filter comments on notes shared with specific team(s). This filter allows the customer to view comments by teams the customer is a part of.

Watchlist/Ticker Linking

By default, the widget is linked to the watchlist or tickers selected in the Dashboard. Users need to click the “link” icon to link/unlink the widget to the watchlist/ticker.

Please note that currently, the widget does not update automatically. The user needs to refresh the dashboard to update the widget.

Updated on May 12, 2021

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