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Doc Search Update: April 2017

You can now search for symbols such as percentage signs (%) and currency symbols ($ £ €). We will be adding support for additional symbols over time.

Symbol searches can be helpful when searching for dollar values associated with share repurchase programs or to find instances where management talks about sales or margin percentages.

Example 1:
Use the symbol to find dollar amounts associated with share repurchase programs:

Query: $ NEAR (share repurchase OR share buyback)

Example 2: 
Use the % symbol to find instances where management references percent of sales or percent margin:

You can enclose queries in quotes, e.g. “$1.23”, to search for symbols and numbers in a specific order without any intervening words in between. This is to avoid search results such as $3,886 followed by 1.23%.

Search within document sections

Searches can be limited to particular sections of a document such as the Risk Factors in a 10-K. For example, you can search for companies with specific risk exposures such as policies of the “Trump administration”.

Construct a search using the new query builder

We’ve added a query builder to make the process of building complex queries more manageable.  The query builder allows you to build queries block by block.  Click the “or” button to add different ways of saying the same thing, such as “CEO” and “chief executive officer”.

Click on the “+ and” button to add additional blocks, such as a block for the phrases “resignation” and “medical leave”.

The resulting query is:
(CEO OR chief executive officer) NEAR15 (resignation OR medical leave)


If your initial search returns too many results, you can search within that particular set of search results. If your initial search is “china slowdown”, you can search within that search for “layoffs”.

The refined search will returns mentions of “layoffs” within the set of documents that returned results for “china slowdown”:

Expanded Labels

Previously, you were limited to 7 labels. We’ve done away with that limitation entirely.  You can add as many labels as you need under General Labels:

Additionally, labels can now be assigned to a specific company so that they only appear when you are viewing those companies’ documents:

Federal Reserve Documents

FOMC meetings minutes, statements, press conference projection materials, and speeches can be found under the ticker FED-RES.

Note: You must enable the Other category in the Source filter to see these documents.


If you have any questions or feedback about any of these features, please contact success@sentieo.com


Updated on September 27, 2017

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