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Excel Field Codes


Reference the tables below for a complete list of all of the Field Codes used with Sentieo’s Excel Plugin. Generating formulas within the Formula Builder also suggests the field codes as you type.

Consensus Estimate Data

Field Name Field Code
Cash Flow from Operations Estimate cf_est
Diluted EPS Estimate eps_est
Dividend per share Estimate div_per_share_est
EBIT Estimate ebit_est
EBIT Margin Estimate ebit_margin_est
EBITDA Estimate ebitda_est
EBITDA Margin Estimate ebitda_margin_est
FCF per share Estimate fcf_share_est
Gross Margin Estimate gross_margin_est
Net Debt Estimate net_debt_est
Net Income Estimate net_inc_est
Revenue Estimate revenue_est

Financial Data

Field Name Field Code
Account Payables bs_payables
Accounts Payable Turnover ap_turn
Accounts Receivable bs_receivables
Accounts Receivable Turnover ar_turn
Accrued Expenses acc_exp
Accrued Tax Payables acc_tax
Acquisition of Business cf_acq_business
AFFO/Share affo_shr
Amortization of Intangibles Expense amort_exp
Basic EPS – As Reported beps
Basic Weighted Average Shares shares_basic
Book Value per Share bv_shr
CapEx capex
CapEx/D&A capex_da
Capital Lease Obligations bs_capital_lease
Cash & Cash Equivalents cce
Cash Conversion Cycle cc_cycle
Cash Flow from Financing Activities cf_fin
Cash Flow from Investing Activities cf_inv
Cash Flow from Operations cf_op
Cash Interest Paid cash_int_paid
Cash Taxes Paid cash_tax_paid
Change in CCE cce_chg
Change in Inventory inv_chg
Change in Working Capital wcap_chg
COGS cogs
Current Deferred Revenue def_rev_curr
Current Portion of Long Term Debt bs_curr_portion_ltdebt
Current Ratio current_ratio
D&A % of Sales da_margin
Days Inventory Outstanding dsi
Days Payable Outstanding dpo
Days Sales Outstanding dso
Deferred Income Tax – Non-Current bs_dtl
Deferred Revenue bs_defrev
Deferred Revenue – Non-Current def_rev_noncurr
Deferred Tax Assets – Current bs_dtac
Deferred Tax Assets – Non-Current bs_dtal
Depreciation & Amortization da_exp
Depreciation Expense dep_exp
Diluted EPS – Adjusted deps_adj
Diluted EPS – As Reported deps
Diluted Weighted Average Shares shares_diluted
Discountinued Operation Expense disc_op_exp
Dividend Per Share div_per_share
Dividends – Total div
EBIT – Adjusted ebit_adj
EBIT – As Reported ebit
EBIT Interest Coverage Ratio ebit_int_exp
EBIT Margin – Adjusted ebit_adj_margin
EBIT Margin – As Reported ebit_margin
EBITDA – Adjusted ebitda_adj
EBITDA – As Reported ebitda
EBITDA Interest Coverage Ratio ebitda_int_exp
EBITDA Margin – Adjusted ebitda_adj_margin
EBITDA Margin – As Reported ebitda_margin
(EBITDA-CapEx)/Interest Expenses ebitda_capex_int_exp
FCF fcf
FCF Per Share fcf_share
FFO/Share ffo_shr
Fixed Asset Turnover fixed_asset_turn
Goodwill – Net bs_goodwill
Gross Margin gross_margin
Gross Profit gross_profit
Interest Expense int_exp
Inventory bs_inv
Inventory Turnover inv_turn
Levered FCF Margin fcf_margin
Long Term Debt Ex Capital Leases bs_total_lt_debt_ex_leases
Long Term Marketable securities bs_ltmkt
Minority Interest min_int
Minority Interest & Preferred Shares minpref
Minority Interest Expense min_int_exp
Minority Interest, Preferred Stock & Discontinued Operations net_inc_adjustments
NAV per Share nav_shr
Net Debt net_debt
Net Debt Issuance debt_paydown
Net Debt/(EBITDA-CapEx) net_debt_ebitda_capex
Net Debt/EBITDA net_debt_ebitda
Net Income – Adjusted net_inc_adj
Net Income – As Reported net_inc
Net Income Margin – Adjusted norm_net_inc_margin
Net Interest Income/Expense net_int
Other Current Assets bs_oth_curr_asset
Other Current Liabilities bs_curr_liab_other
Other Depreciation & Amortization Expense da_other_exp
Other Non-Current Assets bs_oth_noncurr_asset
Other Non-Current Liabilities other_liab_noncurr
Other Non-Operating Expense oth_inc
Other Non-Recurring Operating Expense oth_non_rec_opex
Other Recurring Operating Expense oth_recurr_opex
Pension Benefits – Overfunded bs_pbo_assets
Pension Benefits – Underfunded bs_pbo_liabilities
Pre Tax Income – Adjusted ebt_adj
Pre Tax Income – As Reported ebt
Preferred & Convertible Shares pref_stock
Preferred Dividend Expense pref_div_exp
Prepaid Expenses prep_exp
Quick Ratio quick_ratio
R&D rd
R&D % of Sales rd_margin
Restructuring Expense rest_exp
Return on Assets roa
Return on Equity roe
Return on Invested Capital roic
Revenue revenue
SG&A sga
SG&A % of Sales sga_margin
Share Repurchases shares_rep
Shareholders’ Equity bs_shr_eqt
Short Term Debt and Notes Payable bs_st_debt
Short-Term Marketable Securities bs_stmkt
Special Dividend Per Share special_div_per_share
Stock Based Compensation Expense sbc
Tangible Book Value per Share tbv_shr
Tax Expense – Adjusted tax_adj
Tax Expense – As Reported tax
Tax Rate tax_rate
Total Asset Turnover asset_turn
Total Assets total_assets
Total Assets/Shareholders’ Equity asset_sh_eq
Total Current Assets bs_curr_assets
Total Current Liabilities bs_currliab
Total Debt total_debt
Total Debt/(EBITDA-CapEx) tot_debt_ebitda_capex
Total Debt/Capitalization debt_cap
Total Debt/EBITDA debt_ebitda
Total Debt/Equity debt_equity
Total Intangible Assets – Accumulated Amortization bs_intangibles_amort
Total Intangible Assets – Gross bs_intangibles_gross
Total Intangible Assets – Net bs_intangibles_net
Total Liabilities total_liab
Total Liabilities/Total Assets liab_asset
Total Long Term Debt total_lt_debt
Total Operating Expense opex
Total Operating Expense – Adjusted opex_adj
Total Plant Property & Equipment – Accumulated Depreciation bs_accum_dep
Total Plant Property & Equipment – Gross bs_gross_ppe
Total Plant Property & Equipment – Net bs_ppe
Total Short Term Debt and Current portion of Long Term Debt bs_tot_st_debt
Unlevered FCF Margin fcf_margin_unlevered
Working Capital bs_wcap

Trading Multiples & Yields

Field Name Field Code
Dividend Yield div_yield
EV/EBIT ev_ebit
EV/EBITDA ev_ebitda
EV/FCF ev_fcf
EV/Sales ev_sales
FCF Yield fcfyield_mkt
FCF Yield using EV fcfyield_ev
P/AFFO p_affo
P/Book Value p_bv
P/Cash Flow price_cashflow
P/E p_eps
P/FFO p_ffo
P/NAV p_nav
P/Sales p_sales
P/Tangible Book Value p_tbv
PEG peg

Trading multiples, by default, are based on the current fiscal year.
Append the following codes for other forms:

Estimate Type Parameter Example
Current Fiscal Year fy1 =snt(“aapl”,”p_eps”) OR =snt(“aapl”,”p_eps”,”fy1″)
Next Fiscal Year fy2 =snt(“aapl”,”p_eps”,”fy2″)
Last Twelve Months ltm =snt(“aapl”,”p_eps”,”ltm”)
Next Twelve Months ntm =snt(“aapl”,”p_eps”,”ntm”)

Market & Company Data

Field Name Field Code
1 Day Percentage Price Change pct_chg
52 Week High 52wkhigh
52 Week Low 52wklow
Average Volume volume, tf=nD or nY, mean
Company Name name
Days to Cover si_days
Dollar Volume Liquidity dvl OR dvl_nnD
Enterprise Value ev
Equity Beta beta OR beta_nY
Last Price last_price
Market Capitalization mcap
n-Day Percentage Price Change pct_chg, tf=nD
Percentage Price Change from 52 week high pct_chg, tf=52wkhigh
Percentage Price Change from 52 week low pct_chg, tf=52wklow
Price Change chg
Sector sector
Shares Outstanding shares
Short Interest % of Float si_pct_float
Short Interest % of Total Shares si_pct_total
Stock Exchange exch
Stock Price – Close close
Stock Price – High high
Stock Price – Low low
Stock Price – Open open
Total Capitalization total_cap
Total Shares Shorted si_shares
Volume volume
VWAP vwap
Updated on June 15, 2018

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