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FAQs …about Document Search

How do I see broker research?

Simply talk to your sales rep to have research enabled for your account! (You cannot do this yourself). You will be enabled for research from research providers that you have a current relationship with.

How do I make Sentieo faster?

Try using Sentieo in incognito mode on Google Chrome. For more detailed instructions, see our article on making Sentieo run faster.

What are some key document search features that I don’t know about?

  1. Email Alerts – Click on the save icon beside the query box to setup email alerts via Follow Search.
  2. Shortcuts -Type in in:10k to limit your search to just 10-Ks. A full list can be found by clicking anywhere in the query textbox.

Also, don’t forget about redlining (see what’s been added and deleted from Qs and Ks).

Why can’t I highlight this transcript?

We currently don’t allow highlights or annotations on preliminary transcripts, since the text will change once the edited transcript is made available.

How do I download/print documents?

To download a single PDF click on the Menu drop-down menu and then click Export to PDF.

In an upcoming release, you will be able to download multiple documents at once via the Results drop-down menu.

What do the colored bands to the left of each of my query results mean?

The sliver of color indicates the Doc Type of the document. Not all document types are given their own color but these are the current color codes for Document Search results.

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Updated on December 14, 2017

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