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My Excel file freezes while loading a file

A recent issue introduced into Microsoft Office 365 added instability to volatile formulas, including frequently used stock formulas from Excel such as TODAY(); The consequence is that the file starts to freeze when re-opened if it was saved while some formulas data was being fetched or calculated.

When this occasionally happens, it is necessary to manually clean up the Excel file to allow it to work again;

For this, follow the steps in the screenshot below

What do I do about the #NAME! error?

  1. First, try closing and restarting Excel.
  2. If that does not help, close Excel and go to %AppData% in Windows file explorer and then click on the folder titled Sentieo. You should see one or more .xll files titled SentieoUdfs. This is a file that needs to launch in Excel to recognize our user defined functions. Double click the most recent version of this.
  3. If the file is absent or the plugin does not function properly after clicking, then please get in touch with Sentieo support for further assistance.

Why does Sentieo not appear in my ribbon?

  1. Go to File, then Options, then Add-Ins
  2. In the Manage drop-down menu, leave the selection on Excel Add-ins, and press Go…
  3. Tick the box next to SentieoUdfs Add-in and press OK. If the box was already ticked, untick it and press OK, then follow Steps 1 to 3 again.
  4. If the issue persists, please consult Sentieo support for further assistance.


Set the regional setting manually

Sentieo Excel plugin is built to detect your Excel and computer regional settings, so that it for examples writes and recognizes dates and numbers in your regional format (eg: Dec 15, 2020 is commonly written as 12/15/2020 in the US but 15/12/2020 in the UK).

However, in rare occasions, the data we read from Excel to determine your regional settings is altered into the wrong values by for example another other plugins.

In such case, we offer you the ability to set the culture manually to your own region

  1. Go to settings 

  2. Click on Custom Format
  3. From the dropdown select the Culture

  4. Click on Save formatting
  5. A Message box will confirm the setting save

Excel keeps crashing, or I get strange error messages starting with “System.Runtime.[…]”

COM error

Windows sometimes leaves residual files during the uninstall process which could cause conflicts within Excel.

Manually clean the caches before reinstalling the Sentieo Excel Plugin. Please follow the step by step below:

  1. Close Excel
  2. Right click on the Windows logo in your task bar
  3. Click on Programs and Features
  4. Look for Sentieo Excel Plugin and uninstall it
  5. Go into the Windows Run menu (Windows Key + R)
  6. type: %AppData% then hit enter
  7. Go into the SentieoExcelAddin folder
  8. Delete the files in the SentieoExcelAddin folder (not the folder itself)
  9. Click on the address bar and type: %programfiles(x86)% then hit enter
  10. Delete the Sentieo Inc folder
  11. Click on the address bar and type: %localappdata%\Microsoft_Corporation then hit enter
  12. Delete the “SentieoExcelAddin[…]” folder
  13. Download and install the latest Sentieo Excel Plugin (link)

Why are all of my cells stuck at “Fetching Data…”?

Your sheet is likely in manual calculation mode. Opening an Excel spreadsheet that uses the manual calculation mode can cause Excel to change to manual mode. To fix this, try either of the following:

Option 1: To Trigger a calculation, press shift+F9. You might need to press this multiple times if your cells have dependencies that involve =snt formulas.

Option 2: Switch to automatic if you don’t want to press shift+F9. Go to Formulas→ Calculation Options→ Automatic

Why are all of my cells stuck at “Some Error Occurred” or “No Network Connection”?

If you get “some error occurred” or “no network connection” in various unexpected cells of your spreadsheet, it is very likely that Excel has had trouble with the network connection. Please press the arrow under Refresh selection in Sentieo Excel Ribbon to force a new query to Sentieo servers.

If this does not help, please try closing and re-opening Excel.

“Please contact support” appears instead of the usual Log in button

This means that an essential configuration file has become corrupt.

To address this issue

  1. Go into the Windows Run menu (Windows Key + R)
  2. type: AppData then hit enter
  3. Go inside Local/Microsoft_Corporation
  4. There will be a folder like this ‘FullTrustSandbox(Excel-DN_Path_tkrehcb3zj0cqoyjgeeoo0qtmbgbwh0x’
  5. Delete this folder
    1. In some cases, the Microsoft_Corporation folder is not present. In such case, look for a folder with a name starting with ‘FullTrustSandbox’ inside the Local folder; If you find it, delete it and restart excel.
  6. Restart Excel

Which version of Excel am I running, 32-bit or 64-bit?

This quick guides helps you find out which bit-version of Excel you are using. Only the version of the plugin made for the same bit-version of Excel will work.

Excel 2013-2016

In the Excel ribbon, click on File then Account, then About Excel. The bit-version of Excel is shown in the first line of the pop-up message.

Excel 2010

In the Excel ribbon, click on File, then Help. The bit-version of Excel in the first line under “About Microsoft Excel” in the right panel.


Updated on January 20, 2021

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