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FAQs …about Your Notebook

Will my compliance department approve of me using the Sentieo Notebook?

Our platform has been architected from the ground up to meet an asset manager’s ever increasing security and compliance demands. We offer multi-tenant, single tenant and private cloud architectures. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit. With our single tenant and private cloud offerings, you can even control your own encryption keys. Sentieo automatically logs all activities and notes making compliance a breeze. Your organization’s notes, including those synced via our OneNote and Evernote plugins, are versioned, easily searchable and available via an API to be stored in your data vault.

Additionally, Sentieo has an optional Global Relay integration. This integration captures and archives all notebook content and activity in a secure but easily accessible cloud repository. Find out more here.

Please let us know if your compliance department would like to schedule a call.

Can I access my Notebook offline?

Notes can be accessed and created offline via our iPad app. As of right now, the web based Sentieo Notebook requires an active internet connection to access.

How do I add tags to my note?

Tags are a great way to organize your notebook and make your notes easier to find. You can associate tickers and tags to your note using the tag bar, or by directly typing them in the body of your note.

To add a ticker, type a dollar sign ($) tag followed by a ticker, e.g. $AAPL. To add a label, use a hashtag (#) followed by your label name, e.g. #Earnings. The tickers and tags that you add in the body of your note will auto populate in the tag bar.

How do I save emails to my Notebook?

You can forward emails to your Sentieo email address to save them as notes in your Notebook.

To find your unique Sentieo mailing address address, look at the bottom at top corner of your notebook.

The typical format is first.last@mail.sentieo.com

Emails can also be forwarded to your entire team using your team’s group forwarding address. The format of this address is teamname-group@mail.sentieo.com. Your team mailing address can be found under Settings > Notebook > Preferences.

Can my team share all of our notes by default?

Yes. To enable this feature, head over to Settings> Notebook > Preferences and select your desired settings under Sharing Prefernces

Why cant I see my team’s highlights and notes?

Please verify that other members of your team have enabled the Team option under Sharing Preferences.

How do I turn email alerts on/off?

Navigate to Settings>Notebook> Preferences. Specify your desired share notification preferences.

How do I sync my notebook with OneNote/Evernote?

If OneNote or Evernote is your preferred note taking application, you can enable our two-way sync so that Sentieo can communicate with either of these apps. Any content that is stored in your Sentieo Notebook will sync to your OneNote or Evernote account and vice versa.

Find out more about syncing with OneNote and Evernote here:

Syncing with OneNote
Syncing with Evernote

How do I make sure my OneNote/Evernote sync is working?

Your notes should automatically sync every 5-10 minutes. If nothing appears to be happening, make sure that your sync is enabled by going to Settings>Notebook>Preferences and checking the status on your OneNote or Evernote sync. Synced apps will display a green dot next to the app name.

Please contact success@sentieo.com for support.

Updated on February 5, 2019

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