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FAQs …about Watchlists, Alerts & Follows


What is a watchlist and why should I set one up?

Watchlists allow you to easily organize the stocks you track. You can check them every morning on the News Stream page to get a quick glimpse of price movements and news updates. They can also be used in Document Search or Comparable Analysis to limit your search results, e.g. to a particular sector, to a peer group, or to your coverage universe.

What can I add to my watchlists?

Stock tickers (including international stocks) can be added to watchlists. Indices, commodities and FX are further along on our development roadmap.

How do I import my watchlist from Bloomberg or Factset?

The suggested method of importing tickers to Sentieo is to first export the list of tickers you follow to Excel.

All of your tickers need to be on separate rows in the same column:

Next, follow this tutorial on Creating a New Watchlist.


What is the difference between following a ticker and adding it to my watchlist?

Following a ticker is meant to be a quick way to add a ticker to a “high level” watchlist known as your Followed Tickers.

Individual watchlists are meant to track the sectors and various industry verticals you cover.

Adding a ticker to a watchlist does not automatically add the ticker to your Followed Tickers

How do I unfollow all tickers?

Use the On/Off toggle to unfollow a followed ticker. This will remove the ticker from your Followed Ticker list as well as disable alerts.

If there too many tickers to remove one by one, contact us to do it for you!


Can I receive alerts for non-US stocks?

You can now receive filing alerts for global tickers via the Watchlist manager. Previously, Sentieo users could only receive alerts for domestic companies through the Watchlist, Alerts & Follow feature on the platform.

Please refer to this page for more information: Global Filing Alerts

I am not receiving alerts for certain document types; how do I receive alerts for ALL filings?

Select Firehose under Filings Alerts.

How do I receive alerts for presentations?

We are currently working on revamping alerts to allow you to control all of your alerts from a single interface. In the meantime, you can receive alerts for presentations via Document Search’s Follow Search feature. Perform a Document Search (with a blank query) for a particular ticker or basket of tickers. Then, click on the Type filter to limit the results to only presentations (and transcripts). Click on the save icon and save your search with email and/or desktop alerts enabled.

How do I stop receiving alerts for ALL of my watchlist/ followed tickers?

Please contact us and let us know which tickers and watchlists you want alerts turned off for.

Are there any default watchlists?

Yes. We have watchlists for the S&P500 and global benchmarks, as well as sector specific watchlists already set up under My Watchlists. You can also contact our live support team for further assistance.

Updated on September 12, 2018

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