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Filtering by Notebook Notes & Querying Tags in Doc Search

Sentieo users now have access to an expanded set of Notebook filters within Document Search and the ability to query for custom tags just like you would for a company ticker.

Filtering by Notes

The key purpose of the addition of these filters is to search uploaded content and team content using the same intuitive Document Search interface that you have been using since day one. Open the Doc Type filter dropdown to reveal the available note filtration options right alongside the usual options.

Searches can be filtered by Note Type, Note Source, Note Topic, Tags, and Authors. Apply and utilize these filters just like any other you are already used to.

Searching for #TAGS

Additionally, you can now enter tags within the ticker field using the pound sign (#) followed by the tag name.

There are many ways to take advantage of this functionality. One would be to assign a bulk upload of documents the same tag then jump into Doc Search to sift through your new custom database with all of our powerful search operators. Here is an example of querying internal documents for notes tagged with #ANALYSTS that also mention “price increase”:


Multiple entries in the ticker field automatically uses the logical OR operator between items. This means a search for AAPL, IBM will return any documents relating to AAPL or IBM. The same applies to Tickers and Tags; as such AAPL, #GUIDANCE would mean you are looking for all documents tagged with either AAPL or notes tagged with #GUIDANCE. To search for items relating to AAPL and tagged with #GUIDANCE, run $AAPL and then use the new Notebook filters.


Updated on December 5, 2017

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