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Footnote Search

The Footnote Search feature beefs up your granular query capabilities within Sentieo’s Document Search. Find just what you’re looking for within tables, faster.

Following our development of Section Search and Table Search, we are really excited to finally implement Footnote Search! We leveraged our in: command once more to create in:footnote. Using this inline command, you can specify searches to only the footnotes of SEC filings (will be updated to cover more than SEC filings soon).

Please keep in mind, this feature is currently in beta due to our determination to provide reliable data. Our engineers & analysts are still testing the algorithm’s overall accuracy; initial calculations show above 90% and we continue to develop this tool to ensure maximum functionality.

Please let us know anytime you encounter hits outside of a footnote or missing items at support@sentieo.com.


We have also introduced a couple advanced filters alongside this table extraction upgrade to specify which section of a table you would like to query:

  • in:TABLE_AND_FOOTNOTE (searches both footnotes and table data)
  • in:TABLE (searches only table data)
  • in:FOOTNOTE (searches only footnotes)

These inline commands will always be applied to the entire query. For those who must go even further into detail, you can specify which portion of your query is searched for within the table’s data, footnote, or both. Make use of this query operator to easily narrow your searches within tables.

Complex Table & Footnote Queries

For example, in:table (sales OR guidance) NEAR15 iphone would return mentions of “sales” or “guidance” within 15 words of “iphone” where “sales”, “guidance”, and “iphone” must all be within a table. With this release, we have added complex operators with the SNTO_ prefix to further empower your searches:

  • SNT_TABLE_AND_FOOTNOTE (searches both footnotes and table data)
  • SNT_TABLE (searches only table data)
  • SNT_FOOTNOTE (searches only footnotes)

Now you can create a query such as sales NEAR200 (guidance WITHIN SNTO_TABLE) to find the “sales” within 200 words of “guidance”, where “guidance” must be within a table.

Updated on December 14, 2017

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