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Getting Started with Document Search

Sentieo’s powerful Document Search platform leverages Elasticsearch, intuitive query building, table extraction, and a slew of proprietary tools to ensure your research is more efficient, thorough, and collaborative than ever.


Open Document Search with the ALT + D keyboard shortcut or by clicking on Document Search under the new tab button. You will be greeted by this page:

From here you can open saved searches, recent searches, recently opened documents, and latest filings for companies that you follow.

In the top left corner, you can build your queries, edit them, add filters, and save your search parameters for later.


The left sidebar lists all the results from your current search, from here you can select your document of interest, sort, create keyword alerts, and initiate a nested search (a search within a search).


The section in the middle displays snippets of the document that surround each keyword search hit, even within tables. You can also search solely within the currently selected document using the search box here.


The viewing panel to the right is where you will sift through each document using the navigational buttons in the top right corner. Click on the snippets from the middle panel to instantly jump to its location in the document. Utilize Sentieo’s highlighting capabilities along with our Table Extraction and Redlining tools to gather and digest your research more efficiently.


The slim chart shown in the top right displays the number of documents matching your search query in red and the S&P Index or the stock price of the currently searched ticker (if searching across only one ticker) in blue over time. Hover over the graph to reveal single data points.


Dragging the edges of the blue date range shown in the chart will update your search query.

Running your first search

Leave the Ticker or Company field empty if you would like to search across the entire database. Add a term to the Query field: China slowdown. Run the search by hitting Enter on your keyboard.

This simple search method is especially helpful for idea generation.

Search for a keyword within a particular ticker

You can add any number of ticker symbols to the Ticker or Company Name field, let’s try AAPL (type out Apple if you can’t remember the ticker). Add a term to the Query field: iPhone sales. Hit Enter.

Search for a keyword across a watchlist

Take advantage of watchlists by searching across one of your groups of tickers. Click in the Ticker or Company field and select one of your watchlists by hovering over My Watchlist. Add a term to the Query field: guidance. Hit Enter.

Searches can be filtered to exclude specific companies from your search results by preceding the company ticker with an exclamation mark (!AAPL).

Using filters to narrow your search results

Interact with the filters below the search input boxes to find exactly what you are looking for. For example, the Doc Type filter allows you to select subtypes within SEC Filings, Transcripts, Presentations, your own Notes, and more while the Sector filter can narrow your results to Health Care, or Utilities, or Real Estate, and so on.


Click on the Save icon to save the current query as well as create email and desktop alerts. Click on Save Current Filters to save only the currently set filters and nothing from the Ticker or Query fields.


Highlighting, labeling, and annotating

There are two ways to highlight text within documents of interest: click and drag or use the highlight paragraph button.

Click and drag over the desired text and a dropdown menu will automatically appear; click Highlight right away to add a generic blue highlight or hover to choose/create a specific color-coded and labeled highlight.

Click on the marker icon found at the end of every paragraph to highlight the whole paragraph in one go. A floating toolbar will appear with buttons to Add Label, Annotate, Copy with Citation, Copy Link, and Delete Highlight.
After highlighting a portion of text, you can hover to use the floating toolbar shown above or click to use the dropdown menu shown below.

Mention team members in annotations

For all coworkers enabled in Sentieo, type @theirname anywhere in your annotation to send them an email with your highlight and whatever you had to say about it.


Leverage table extraction tools

Sentieo’s table extraction tools automate much of the work needed to get financial data from filings into your spreadsheet models. A toolbar can be found above every table you will come across in Document Search. Quickly export any table, highlight and send tables to your Notebook, or utilize Similar Tables and Time Series to compare multiple SEC filings at one time.

Similar Tables

View comparable filings side by side with the option to export a single combined table using the Stitched Tables feature (one of the blue buttons at the top left).

Time Series

Quickly sift through the same filings from different time periods. Cells are aligned and color-coded to highlight analogous values across all documents for ease of viewing and comparison.

Document Search connects directly to your Notebook

You can review all highlights and annotations in your Sentieo Notebook, accessed by clicking on the spiral-bound notebook tab always pinned in Sentieo. Once there you can make additional comments and interact with other note types. Please refer to the Getting Started with Notebook tutorial for more information.

Updated on August 9, 2018

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