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Getting Started with Equity Data Terminal

Sentieo’s Equity Data Terminal puts key financial data and metrics at your fingertips, with charting tools permitting quick visualization of key financial data and price movements.

Overview Video

EDT Summary Dashboard

Historical Chart

The Historical Chart plots the share price alongside volume and transcript sentiment. Transcript Sentiment refers to sentiment analysis (using computer algorithms to determine whether the words are positive, negative, or neutral) applied to conference call transcripts.

Valuation & Model

The Valuation & Model section shows key financial metrics on a historical and projected basis.

Financial Model

The Financial Model features allow you to visualize and download financial data for thousands of companies. Let’s take a look at Valuation & Price Target.

You will see a pre-built financial model with integrated analyst estimates. Cells with blue text can be edited. Any changes will flow through to the rest of the financial model.

Download the pre-built financial model by clicking on the Excel icon.

Estimates Chart

(Charts → Estimates Chart)

Visualize changes in consensus analyst estimates over time. Each line represents the estimates for a given year and ends once earnings are released. This chart lets you easily visualize the ebb and flow of analyst sentiment over time.

If the chart is too cluttered, you can disable specific series by clicking on the years on the bottom of the chart.

Earnings Surprises

(EDT → Earnings Surprises)

See a stock’s entire earnings history, with:

  • Actual versus expected earnings
  • Where actual earnings fell in relation to the high and low range of analyst expectations
  • Price reaction
  • Earnings dates


The Documents feature organizes a company’s SEC filings, transcripts, and presentations into easy-to-access categories.


Institutional Holders

Sentieo’s insider holdings data lets you quickly see which institutions hold the largest positions in a stock.

You can then click on individual institutions to see their portfolio composition and largest positions (e.g. highest conviction). Seeing what institutional investors (that you respect) have been buying can be used to generate investment ideas.

Download institutional holding data via the Excel icon in the top right of the interface.

Insider Transactions

Quickly see what insiders have been doing without tediously sifting through Form 4 filings. The chart shows sales highlighted in red and buys highlighted in green.

Click on any individual’s name to see that person’s insider trading history.

Updated on June 12, 2018

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