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Getting Started with Notebook

Your Sentieo Notebook gives you the power to easily gather content that matters to you and keep it all in the cloud for quick reference and further analyses. Use the Notebook as a workspace for organizing, viewing, annotating, and sharing all of your research including notes, highlights, charts, and more. Collaborate with other members of your team across all of your devices (Desktop, iPhone/iPad, Android) right from within your Notebook.

There’s never any need to worry about losing any of your work. All changes made to your note are automatically saved every few seconds.


Open your Notebook by clicking the spiral notebook tab pinned at the top of the page, using the shortcut Alt + N, or through the new tab button. The interface is divided into three main sections. These are the navigation sidebar, the selected list of notes, and then the single selected editable note.

To the left, the navigation sidebar helps you get around your Notebook and quickly flip through all of your note categories.

The section in the middle displays all your notes that fit under the currently selected category.

The single note that you’ve selected is shown on the right side. This is where you will add content to, edit, comment, and share your notes.

You can easily browse your archive of notes using the different categories listed in the navigation sidebar dropdown menu.

Use the search box located at the top left of your Notebook to quickly and conveniently search for a note by phrase or keyword. Any matches will be highlighted within the note and shown in the note preview.

After selecting a note category, the notes you’ve created most recently will show up at the top of the middle pane by default. Use the All, My Notes, and Shared tabs to toggle between the different views.

Creating a new note

Click the green New button, located above the currently selected list of notes, to create a new blank note. Or click the arrow to reveal a list of your saved templates.

Adding tags and tickers

Give your note a title and add the appropriate tickers and tags so it’s easy to find later. You can associate tickers and tags with your note using the Tag bar, or by typing them into the body of your note using $ for tickers and # for tags (e.g. $AAPL, #iphone). Tickers and tags placed in the body of your note will auto populate in the tag bar.


You can share any note within your Notebook with approved individuals and teams. Click on the Share bar located at the top of every note. Select the User(s) and/or Team(s) you would like to share your note with.

For now, we have restricted sharing to members within your team. If you would like to have users added to your team, please email us.

Adding comments

Comments are a great way to collaborate with your team and conduct internal discussions about a specific topic. To comment on a note, simply click on the blue Comments button located on the top right of your note.


Click the blue Comments button again to close the comments sidebar.

Highlighting, labeling and annotations

You can highlight PDFs forwarded to your Notebook as well as clipped articles from the web within the Notebook. Simply select a portion of text and click Highlight in the dropdown menu. You can also select Annotate from the same dropdown to attach your thoughts directly to the specific text.

Hovering over a portion of text that has already been highlighted will allow you to Add Label, Annotate, Copy With Citation, Copy Link, and Delete Highlight.

Deleting your note

To delete a note, hover over the note within your category list and click the Trashcan.

Deleted notes can be restored by navigating to the Trash category, hovering over the desired note, and clicking the Undo icon.

If you have questions about anything you just read or would like to schedule a personalized training session, please contact nauman@sentieo.com.

Updated on December 5, 2017

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