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Getting Started With Sentieo Office Plugins

Why did we build plugins for OneNote, Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint?

Our OneNote, Outlook, Word and Powerpoint plugins are designed to fulfill one simple productivity enhancement task: seamlessly upload your Microsoft Office content to the Sentieo Notebook. With content upload only one click away, it is easier than ever to store all of your important documents in the Sentieo Notebook so you can remain focused on your research and analysis.

Along with the Office plugins, we also offer a companion windows app that fits at the bottom right of the taskbar and brings additional enhancing features to the Office apps.

Getting Started with the Outlook Plugin

Uploading emails manually

Just click on “Send to Sentieo” in the Ribbon, change if necessary the default tags, and click Send; The content will immediately be available in your Notebook on sentieo.com.

The plugins work with saved files and emails that have just been opened, but also with draft emails and unsaved files being edited.

Sentieo plugins do not tamper with the document or the draft, so you can safely upload even open documents on the fly without being forced to save it ahead of time, and you will not lose you “undo” history.

After pressing Send to Sentieo (Send Manually on Outlook plugin), you will have the opportunity to

  • change the title of the Sentieo Note (by default, the plugin pre-populates it as the name of the email or document),
  • tag the note with Tickers (the ticker box works with auto-complete suggestions),
  • tag the note with general-purpose tags (all your existing tags are offered as suggestions),
  • include colleagues you would like to share the note with, and
  • add a comment


After pressing send, the note is uploaded and you will be notified when it is available in Notebook (1). It will have all the tagging you added earlier (2 to 6).

Bulk uploads (Outlook Only)

You can upload multiple emails at once. You will be offered the opportunity to alter the metadata information of all emails at once (Bulk Tagging), or to edit each of them separately (Individual Tagging).


When tagging individually, press Back and Next to navigate through each email’s individually settings.

When Bulk tagging, the Title is initially set to “{multiple values}”, meaning that unless you decide to change to one title for all Notes, each note will be created with the original title of the email.

Setting up default metadata values

You can define what default information will be pre-populated each time you run a manual upload. Head into the “Settings” menu and check the section “Manual Uploads”.

Automatically Send emails (Outlook only)

AutoSend is a feature that allows you to upload emails in the background; When AutoSend is on, all the emails sent from outlook will also automatically be uploaded to Sentieo Notebook;


You can define what tags will be applied to the emails uploaded by AutoSend through the “Settings Menu”

Sync Status and upload history

As you upload information, you will find the status of all the tasks queued since you started Outlook;

This view is cleared every time you close and reopen Outlook; You can also Clear all the tasks that have been successfully completed with the button “Clear Completed”.

The second tab shows all the history of uploads even from previous times you uploaded documents during previous sessions of Outlook. It is not cleared every time you close outlook. The History log can be cleared by pressing the “Clear Log” button.

OneNote, PowerPoint and Word plugins

Sentieo OneNote, PowerPoint and Word plugins benefit from the exact same functionalities than Sentieo Outlook plugin, except for some features that are specific to the Outlook workflows (AutoSend and bulk upload).

Please refer to the Outlook plugin guide for getting started with Sentieo OneNote Plugin, PowerPoint Plugin and Sentieo Word Plugin.

Uploading with revisioning

Sentieo Notebook supports document revisioning for attachments; When uploading a document as a revision to an existing one, the new upload will show instead of the old one in the note;

Excel, Word, and Powerpoint plugins are enabled with the feature so it is possible to decide which note and attachment to upload a document to, as a new attachment or a revision of an existing one;

Multiple options are available

Upload to a new file

Use this option to upload the Office document as a totally new file.

Search for a note by Name

(1) Search for a note directly from the office plugin; search will look for the words typed in the titles and core text of your notes.

(2) Notes shared with you but where team editing has been disabled appears greyed out so you know you cannot upload into them;

You can select one or multiple notes at once.

The next screen lets you decide where to upload the file, as a new attachment or as a revision to an existing attachment.

Search for a note by associated Tags or Tickers

Likewise, it is possible to search for a note directly from the office plugin; search will look for tags or tickers associated with your notes.

Notes shared with you but where team editing has been disabled appears greyed out so you know you cannot upload into them;

Fast track recurring uploads

The plugin remembers individually the previous locations you uploaded each of your files to; Providing the notes have not been deleted or unshared with you, they will appear in the upload list next time you attend to upload again the document;

The location(s) where the very last uploads took place also come pre-selected for your convenience so that the next upload is only one click away.


Auto Re-upload (Desktop Companion App)

The Desktop Companion allows you to upload files without having to start up Word PowerPoint or Excel, and also to keep track of files you have uploaded and re-upload them automatically and regularly to the same locations as new revisions, whenever the file has been updated.

The Desktop Companion is a separate application that remains minimized at the bottom right of the taskbar; so it can monitor the files earmarked for auto-re-upload in the background and without coming in the way of your productivity.

As it is independent of the individual MS Office apps, you can safely continue to use these as normal, including close Excel for example immediately after finishing saving a file. The Desktop Companion app will still be able to figure out the file has been modified and re-upload it safely.

Import upload history from Office plugins

You can import into the Desktop Companion app previous uploads you made from Word, Excel or Powerpoint; The import will bring the upload confirmation, namely the original file location in your computer, the destination note in Sentieo Notebook, and the tags and ticker parameters.

Pause Auto Re-upload for one or more files specifically

By default, any file uploaded from the Desktop Companion or imported into the Desktop Companion is set to auto re-upload;

You can pause one or more files from auto re-uploading by unticking them in the list;

When unticked, the file is not removed from the monitoring list, so you can easily add it back by ticking the box again without having to go again through the setupo process.

Pause Auto Re-upload (entirely)

If you are on a slow or metered connexion, you may want to pause auto-re-uploads for a while.

Click on the Play/Pause button to turn on or off the feature (see screenshot below)

Force upload

You can force an immediate reupload of one or more files by selecting them from the list and pressing the “Manual Upload” button.

Change the frequency of change checks

By default, Sentieo Desktop Companion checks for new revisions every 1 minute; However, if you do regularly save the files you are editing and would like to avoid too many revisions being uploaded into Sentieo Notebook, we recommend changing this value to a more suitable frequency; Enter a different number in minutes and press Enter.

Add tags and sharing options

You can add tags, tickers, or colleagues the document will be shared with by pressing this section of a file in the list

Supported documents and email attachment formats

Our Office Plugins support a wide range of document types that represent the vast majority of configuration and file format commonly used.

  • Email format: .eml, .msg
  • PowerPoint files: ppt, pptx,
  • Excel files: ,xls, ,xlsx, xlsb, xlsm
  • Word documents: .doc, .docx
  • PDF documents .pdf

Known Outlook limitations

Due to Microsoft Outlook and other framework limitations, the following format and feature are not supported for the time being.

  • RTF formatted emails
  • In some specific circumstances, the structure of the email will prevent us from offering the ability to unselect attachments before uploading.
  • Only emails are uploadable at the moment, which means that Contacts, Appointments, Meetings, and Tasks are not currently handled by Sentieo Outlook Plugin
Updated on September 23, 2020

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