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Comparable Analysis Overview

Sentieo’s Comparable Analysis enables you to easily configure and compare the various financial, stock, and company parameters against their competitors or the companies in your watchlists.

Comparing a ticker with its competitors

Enter the ticker in the box shown below and press enter.

A table with all of your tickers comps will populate on the right side of your screen.

Comparing tickers within and between Watchlists

Select the Watchlist(s) in the left pane whose tickers’ parameters you want to compare.

Clearing the Comparable Analysis table

You can clear the entirety of the table by clicking on the Clear Analysis button at the top right corner of your screen.

Selecting a view

Use the Select View drop down to select the view you would like to see.

Configuring your view

When you first open the Comparable Analysis tool, you are shown the default view, but can configure this view as well as save other views with your desired parameters.

First, select the parameters you would like to view by clicking the Add Field button. Select a category under Category on the left side of the screen and scroll through the parameters within that category under the Select Field section on the right side of the screen. You also have the option to search for a specific field from the search bar on the top.

If you would like to add a field to your view, simply press the Select sign to the right of the field. This parameter will now appear under the Selected Columns category. To remove a parameter from your view, select the garbage can icon sign.

Secondly, click the Save icon to save your view.

Be sure to click the response “No” when prompted if you want to save as Default View. That way, you can create it as a New View.

If you want to save your modified view as your default view, be sure to click “Yes”.

Exporting Your Table

You can easily save your comparable analysis table to your NotebookEmailScreener, Watchlist, or even export it to Excel, by selecting the ☰ button:

You can also view your comparable analysis table to quickly plot on a pop-up graph. This will not take you away to a new tab or Plotter.

Peer Methodologies & International Peers

We now offer 3 peer lists for each stock, with the ability include or exclude international peers.

  • Sentieo peers: This methodology selects the peers based pm multiple factors, such as: the NAICS classification of their activities (North American Industry Classification System), the country of the Headquarters, the country where they primarily conduct business, market cap, and their average revenue size.
  • GICS peers: This methodology is purely based on which GICS (Global Industry Classification Standard) categories they belong to. Within that, Revenue and market cap are used to narrow down to similarly sized stocks.
  • Private Peers – Sector overlap: This list shows non-public peers based on the general sectors of activity, similar to GICS as well as the various types of activities conducted by the companies; we generate this list for both public and non-public companies.
  • Private Peers – Co-investors: This methodology finds peers based on the known investors that invested in both companies; The more co-investors the higher it ranks in our list. This list ignores on-going secondary market investors so it is particularly effective for non-public companies.

Updated on April 19, 2020

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