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How do I make Sentieo run faster?

Use Google Chrome

Google Chrome is dramatically faster than Internet Explorer and other web browsers.

Try Incognito Mode

In Google Chrome, hit Crtl + Shift + N to open a new incognito mode. This new window may run Sentieo faster since browser extensions are disabled by default in incognito mode. You will need to log into Sentieo again from the incognito mode window.

If you find that Sentieo is faster, the problem may be:

  • Antivirus-related browser extensions.
  • Ad blockers (?)
  • Some combination of browser extensions.

To solve issues related to browser extensions, go into your chrome extension settings by pasting chrome://extensions/ instead of a URL in Chrome (shown below). The interface will allow you to enable, and disable extensions.

Close All Unnecessary Sentieo Tabs

Click on the X icon on each tab to close it. Or, press Alt + X on your keyboard.

Clear Your Cache?

Copy and paste chrome://settings/cookies into your URL bar

Search for Sentieo and select Remove All.

Updated on August 2, 2017

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