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Improved RMS notification settings

Customize when and where you receive notifications across your Notebook related activity!

Sharing and collaboration related email notifications can be overwhelming, making it difficult to separate signal from the noise.

We’ve introduced more control over your RMS focused notifications, allowing you to fine tune the notifications that are most important to you and your team. You can access these settings from Notebook Preferences as demonstrated here.

For users migrating from the existing Notebook to the new Notebook experience, all the settings available currently will be migrated as it is. The newly added settings will be enabled by default.

All Activities

Open the flood gates:

Get notified on email and mobile across all collaboration related activities, including when:

  1. A note is shared with you or a team you belong to
  2. A thesis is shared with your thesis group
  3. A comment is made on a note you are invited to
  4. You are mentioned in a comment

Personal Activities

Focused notifications:

Get notified of collaboration related activity that’s specifically related to you, including when:

  1. A note is shared with you
  2. A comment is made on a note you’ve authored
  3. You are mentioned in a comment

Custom Activities

Take control of your notifications:

You decide which action across share, comment, and mention will trigger notifications. You can even configure different settings for different teams.

Note: Notification preferences are set at the user level. All team members will need to configure which notifications they want to receive.

Team Sharing

Choose which team(s) to receive notifications from when a note is shared with the respective team:

  1. Select the team via the dropdown
  2. Configure your preferences

Note: Team sharing preferences must be configured for each team.

Direct Sharing

Choose to receive notifications when a note is directly shared with you:


Choose which comment activities should trigger a notification:


Choose which mention activities should trigger a notification:

Pausing Notifications

You can also choose to temporariyl turn off ALL of your notebook notifications by using the Pause Notifications toggle:

Note: These features are available only in the new Notebook experience

Updated on September 28, 2021

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