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Institutional Holders

Access Institutional Holders via Equity Data Terminal Holders Institutional Holders.

You can click on individual institutions to see their portfolio composition and largest positions (e.g. their highest conviction positions). Generate investment ideas by tracking what institutional investors (that you respect) have been buying.

Click on any column header to sort based on that column. Click on % of portfolio to see what hedge funds and institutions have a high-conviction position in a stock. That can be helpful to find money managers with other positions in the same investing style. For example, a GARP oriented manager (growth at a reasonable price) will likely hold other GARP stocks.

Excel Download

Download institutional holding data via the Excel icon in the top right of the interface.



Viewing Original Documents

Click the pop-up icon in the Source column to view the original document with insider holding data.

Put/Call Explanation

In the Put/Call column:

  • sh = common shares
  • call = call options
  • put = put options

Updated on August 1, 2017

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