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We are very excited to announce the beta release of a brand new Document Search interface. While the interface may seem similar, we have rebuilt the entire front end from scratch using modern technologies such as React. The new interface consumes significantly less memory and will be much more responsive across the board. Additionally, building on Sentieo’s long-standing sentiment and Natural Language Processing capabilities we have added a host of new AI features detailed below.

Using the new interface is optional. We plan on continuing to make rapid updates to this interface based on user feedback over the next couple months. If you have any feedback, please send to your Customer Success representative. We welcome both positive and negative feedback! We plan to retire the old document search interface later this year.

How to Switch

To switch (and to switch back), simply click on the Document Search menu button and select the version you would like to use:

New AI Features


Deep Dive on Smart Summary can be found here. 

Equity analysts and researchers might be tracking anywhere from 10 to 100s of stocks. Each quarterly earnings season, they are forced to attend calls or read multiple transcripts. Additionally, they are expected to review relevant transcripts from other events, such as investor conferences, analyst days, and competitor events. This adds up to hundreds of transcripts each quarter, and hundreds of hours of work by these expensive research resources. Smart Summary cuts this time down to minutes by applying a range of NLP and Machine Learning capabilities to (a) understand the most important elements of a transcript, and (b) to categorize these in the context of what an analyst is most interested in; for example, comments by the CFO related to an acquisition.

To trigger Smart Summary, simply click the Brain Icon on any Transcript.

Query Autocomplete

Our datascience team has built an algorithm to identify key terms and topics for all companies within our database. Similar to Google, now when you start typing inside of the query box, we will automatically populate suggested terms for you based on actual terms used by the company. This makes it much easier to find exactly the keywords you are looking for. The autocomplete intelligently populates based on which tickers and watchlists you have selected in the ticker box.

Suggested Synonyms

We are very excited to announce a giant leap forward in our Synonym System. We have been using NLP + Machine Learning based algorithm for the last couple years to help us internally define and expand our deep synonym library. We are now very excited to open up that system to users on the fly with our new Suggested Synonyms feature.

Using Suggested Synonyms, we are able to parse your query and automatically suggest possible synonyms to expand your search. While all of these synonyms may not be pertinent to your search, the function lets you quickly select which opens you would like to add to your search. Just click the suggested synonym and it will automatically be added to your search query:

Overall Search Improvements

Introducing the Sources Selector

When we looked at usage analytics, we realized that the Document Type filter was the most used filter by a large margin. To make this filter more accessible and easier to use, we have made it part of the main search interface. Additionally we have renamed the filter to “Sources” to more accurately represent the functionality.

We have also added a quick “only” selector to the right of each source that lets you quickly focus on a single source. 

Additionally you can click the > icon at the far right to load up the more fine grained filters:

More Accessible Filters

All additional filtering is now available using the Filter Button

Configure and Control Your Results Pane

We have added the ability for you to easily resize the results panel. Simply drag the divider or use the maximize/minimize button. As you expand, the application will automatically switch to a table view when enough space is present. 

While in the table view, you can also control what columns are visible. Currently the list of options is limited but we will be adding to this over the coming months. 

For smaller screens, we’ve also added the option to toggle between split pane and results only views.

Improved Company Summary

If you run a query without a query, the Sentieo initial results page shows you all company documents as well as a company summary and share price performance. We have taken some key metrics and links out of our EDT Summary and provided them within document search. Additionally we have added a historical stock price graph to the company summary.

Improved Document Viewer

We’ve made serious upgrades to our Document Viewer as well. You will notice faster load times for documents across the board. Additionally we have relocated highlights and the index panel to the right of the document.

We have also relocated the Redlining Function to the top right of the document viewer



Updated on October 21, 2019

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