Introducing Sentieo Connect

What is it?

Why Sentieo Connect?
We want to save you time by streamlining data-intensive tasks in Sentieo.

What is it?
A suite of tools and data integrations to easily bulk upload your data, and use it everywhere on Sentieo: in Plotter, Dashboards, Screener, Comparable tables, Excel, and in new rich tables on Notebook Notes and Note templates.

We strive to make the platform as flexible as possible and to adapt to your source documents as much as possible. You can prepare your source file in many ways, and you can upload it in many ways via Connect. 

We offer the ability to create seamless background syncs with other systems through SFTP.

How can I get Sentieo Connect?

Contact our Customer Success team to have them turn on Connect for you.

Sentieo Connect – use case examples

Data sharing

  • Easily Upload and Share your model assumptions with the rest of the team (which means no more messy shared drives and bulky emails)
  • Access your data instantly from anywhere with a browser (vs juggling between shared drives and emails)

Screening, Analysis and modelling

  • Create visualizations on Plotter to compare the history of your estimates to consensus (vs creating/maintaining models in Excel)
  • Load in Excel data from all your firm’s models with ease. (vs juggling with non-standardized files on shared drives and emails)

Monitoring and housekeeping

  • Monitor your forecasts against market prices and consensus by adding them to Dashboard Price Monitor and plotter widgets.
  • Build an interactive dashboard (with live calculations, graphs, note filters) for investment review meetings (vs static powerpoints which require updating)
  • Build a screen to show all  recent updates from your team (eg: what estimate changes did my team make today?)
  • Build a screen to show what tickers need updating. (eg: what tickers have an overweight rating but an EPS below consensus?)

Note publishing (available from end of April 2022 as part of a beta program, full release end of 2Q22)

  • Upload large amounts of data and create content-rich notes incorporating all your model and assumptions
  • Create note templates for your organization pre-loaded with a range of useful data.


Use Case: Build Visualization Analysis with Plotter

On Plotter, you can now load fields you have created on Sentieo Connect.

You can create visualizations mixing the history of your data with market data and consensus data from Sentieo, and even save them as templates for easy re-use.

Use Case: Power Your Go-To Monitoring Hub – Sentieo Connect and Dashboard

Develop Dashboards that track your portfolio and put your estimates right next to consensus forecasts and live stock prices. Since Sentieo Connect also supports mathematical expressions, your Monitoring Dashboards can automatically calculate your forecasts’ % upside to consensus, or your Price target’s % upside to current stock price.

Also, if your research team members are uploading their data in Sentieo, Dashboard becomes an ideal tool for internal partners such as portfolio managers. They can consume your internal team’s research and estimates, as easily as they do with broker notes and consensus data.

1. Group tickers by value of user field.
2. Watchlist uploaded automatically.
3. Sentieo data (Consensus EPS).
4. Uploaded user data (internal estimates for EPS).
5. Custom expression made from Sentieo and user data (EPS upside % consensus, and P/E based on current market price and own estimates).
6. Graph analysis built with user data and Sentieo data, and hybrid series using both. Updates automatically to show the selected ticker’s data when clicking on Price Monitor.
7. You can also input new data directly from the Price Monitor.

Use Case: Upload and Share your Financial Estimates within your Organization

When you upload data to Sentieo, it becomes easily accessible from any computer with a browser, or with Microsoft Excel. This eliminates the need to send emails with bulky attachments or keep a shared drive with archives of older financial models in Excel.

Just upload your models to Sentieo Connect, or upload 3rd party datasets you are licensed to use (eg: MSCI ESG score, Ratings,…). Uploaded datapoints are stored in individual fields that can contain concepts such as observation dates and Periods (FY2021, FY3, etc.). Datapoints can be easily pulled individually, eliminating juggling between potentially mistagged files in a shared drive or email archives to find what you are looking for.

Also, if you need to construct a historical time series, you no longer need to open multiple files to stitch data together; Connect automatically manages the process for you. For example, you could, load the history of your price target on our Plotter tool in 2 clicks. With 2 more clicks, you can create a new series showing the % upside of your price target compared to IBES Consensus history.

With this type of functionality available, Sentieo Connect becomes a large structured database for you and your colleagues to upload and share data, allowing proprietary data to be consumed in the same way your team is currently working with Sentieo financial data.

Use Case: Upload and Share Third-Party Datasets within your Organization

It is almost effortless, taking only one click to upload and ingest the file.

It is also a lot more efficient than the “old way” of keeping the original CSV files in a shared drive and trying to keep it clean and tidy.

How do you build a time series? In the past, you would have most likely needed to open and combine several files from your archives.

With Sentieo Connect, since they were all uploaded in the Database, you just need to query for the metric you need.

Also, data uploaded to Sentieo Connect is usable everywhere, including in Excel, so it is easy to push data back into your models, without having to link to dozens of files, by using the Sentieo formula.

Use Case: Fetch the Data Back with the Excel Add-in… and it’s Structured

Sentieo Excel add-in supports your custom fields like it does any Sentieo field.

Why would you utilize it back into Excel? Simply put, Sentieo Connect is a structured database. You upload in fields, so once the data is uploaded, even if the original files were disparate and looked different, as long as it was uploaded properly, the data that comes out of Sentieo is clean and structured.

So you don’t have to keep looking for data; you focus on using the data.

Sentieo Formula basics

  • Single datapoint:  =snt( ticker, field, period, as of date, scenario, user )
    • Eg: =snt(“AAPL”,”UD.MyField”,”FY1”,”01/01/2020”)
  • Time series =snt( ticker, field, period, as of date, tf or end date, scenario, user)
    • Eg: =snt(“AAPL”,”UD.MyField”,”FY1”,”01/01/2018”,”01/02/2022”)
  • Time series statistic =snt( ticker, field, period, as of date, tf or end date, scenario, user, statistic )
    • Eg: =snt(“AAPL”,”UD.MyField”,”FY1”,”01/01/2020”,”tf=5y”,”scenario=base”,”user=youssef”,”pct_chg”)

Use case – Filter an Investable Universe on Screener with your Own Data

Do you have a data science team that produces proprietary metrics? Do you need to calculate scores based on these metrics and market data, before deciding if a stock you are researching qualifies based on your criteria?

Sentieo Connect can help.

You can ingest large files with dozens of thousands of datapoints in Sentieo Connect. Upload those custom metrics or 3rd party metrics (eg: ESG, Credit ratings, etc..), and utilize them in your Screener Views! You can also calculate custom expressions mixing custom data or Sentieo Data, and then filter your Screener views with the new expressions.

Use Case – Produce First-in-Class Research in Notebook*

(*Beta program to start in May 2022, general release towards the end of June 2022)

With Sentieo Connect you can effortlessly create and publish Notes with large embedded tables, automatically exhibiting your updated forecasts.

We will offer a large number of pre-built tables to choose from, including summary model tables or “Old vs New” tables comparing numbers between two note publications. It’s our hope that our library of pre-built tables will fit most of your needs but that ability to customize can be helpful. You can design tables built for your needs and add them to the library for next time!

Tables made with data from Sentieo Connect can also be included in Note templates. This makes it even easier to pre-populate a Preview, Earnings Review, or Management Meeting note with the content you previously would have had to copy-and-paste out of your model, if you were using legacy tools.

Updated on April 12, 2022

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