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Keyword Library

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Document Search Keyword Library. With it, you can search our ever-growing library of over 500 unique pre-built search queries across various industry sectors and themes and find the most relevant data.

For example: Want to search for all “Material Adverse Effect” clauses in merger documents within a specific industry, or for all the announced spin-offs in the last 10 years? Simply load up the Keyword Library, select the Risk Arbitrage theme and make your query selection. Voila! The query is constructed and results are instantly displayed.

Accessing the Keyword Library

Within Document Search, click on box containing 3 horizontal lines to the right of the query input box and click on the “Load Search” link:

Once in the folder, you will see all your saved searches:

On the left side of the pop-up window there’s a category named Keyword Library. The General library is displayed by default and includes a number of operationally related keywords:

Selecting a Pre-Built Query

Use the Select Keyword Library dropdown menu located at the top right corner of the window to select a Sector or Theme. 

All queries are categorized by sector and theme, here are some of the selectable options:


  • Consumer Staples
  • Energy
  • Financials
  • Health Care
  • Information Technology
  • and more…


  • Accounting
  • Credit
  • Governance
  • Macro-Economic
  • Risk Arbitrage
  • and more…

Once you’ve identified a search you would like to run, simply click on the Title or Query of the keyword to have the query loaded into Doc Search:

Setting Keyword Alerts

Use keyword alerts to send new query result to your email or notifications straight to the Sentieo application. To set up email alerts, select Individual or Digest from the dropdown menu that reads None by default.

Mark one or more of the checkboxes to receive notifications concerning results of that query within the Sentieo web app.


We’d love to hear what you think about this new feature, so please drop us a line and tell us!

Updated on August 20, 2018

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