Market Data Alerts

We are excited to announce the release of price target alerts within the Watchlist Manager. These alerts can be configured in the Market Data Alerts column found in Watchlists, Alerts & Follows and will appear in your inbox like this:

Configuring Price Alerts

The previous price alerts, 52 Week High/Low and the Price % Change (2x Standard Deviation), are still available but have been moved to the Market Data Alerts column.

To set up these alerts, click in the row of the desired ticker and select CONFIGURE.

This will launch a popup window allowing you to configure thresholds and other price-based alerts. To set a threshold, click Add Threshold.

You can then set a threshold based on an absolute value (ex. $200) or a percentage (ex. 3%). You can also tell the system to receive this alert once and deactivate, or receive it on a daily basis. The default behavior is to alert once and deactivate since this results in significantly less alerts being generated.

For the moment, Price is the only functioning market alert type. We will be adding other market data options in the very near future.

Exercise caution when using the Alert Once a Day frequency setting with a threshold that is an absolute value.

For example, if AAPL (currently at $174) is configured with a threshold of $180 and set to Alert Once a Day, the user will receive an alert each day AAPL is above $180 and an alert when it falls back below. This issue does not arise when using percentages since AAPL would have to go above a certain percentage daily.


Users can quickly disable recurring alerts via the alert emails generated:

With the Alert Once and Deactivate frequency, when an alert is generated it will automatically deactivate itself unless the user specifies to restart. This restart can be triggered via visiting the setup modal and clicking Reactivate.

Configuring Multiple Tickers

Market Data Alerts can also be configured for entire watchlists by using the bulk edit options. Percentage-based thresholds should almost always be considered when configuring alerts in bulk.

These new alerts function for international tickers within our database. However, please be aware that we only provide EoD prices for these names. The absolute value thresholds will be configured in the local currency.


Updated on December 5, 2017

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