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  3. Sentieo Office Plugins Installation guides and Troubleshooting

Sentieo Office Plugins Installation guides and Troubleshooting

You will find here a guide to download and install Sentieo Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint Plugins and easy steps to overcome common difficulties on some systems…


  1. Please check that you are on Windows with Microsoft Office 2010 or newer.

    Neither Macs or Windows versions older than Office 2010 are supported at this time.

    Due to Microsoft Office limitations, the OneNote plugin is only compatible with OneNote 2013, OneNote 2016, and the versions of OneNote bundled with the most recent updates of Microsoft 365 and Office 365. Please try to install and upload a document to Notebook to confirm it works on your environment

  2. Close Outlook, Word and PowerPoint.
  3. Click download and install the application at the following link.
  4. When you run OneNote, Outlook, Word, or PowerPoint for the first time after re-installing the plugin, you should be invited to Install the individually with the following screen.

  5. After opening Outlook, Word or PowerPoint, go into the SENTIEO tab in the ribbon and click on Login to Sentieo;

6. Select which web address you usually connect to with your browser in order to use Sentieo (by default, this would be app.sentieo.com)

If your organization is enabled for SSO with Sentieo, you will be taken to your SSO provider’s portal, otherwise please enter your Sentieo credentials.

You will then see the tools available through our bespoke plugin.


Installation Troubleshooting

Windows Project blue warning screen

You may see the below screen on rare occasions when you try to install Sentieo Office or Excel plugins

This screen is called “SmartScreen” and is part of Windows’ security features; It shows when you try to install a software for which Microsoft has not collected a lot of statistics from users’ computers of successful installations despite the warning message.

Sentieo certifies its software with Microsoft, but it sometimes needs to change instead of just renew its existing certificates. When we do this, the successful installation counter of SmartScreen resets to zero to our users start to see again the blue screen for a short while.

You can safely ignore the warning and click on Run Anyway to proceed with the installation.

If the security processes are more strict in your organization, you may need to discuss this with you IT personnel or you may not even see the Run Anyway button.

If you have the IT Admin authority, you can disable and enable the ability to override SmartSreen block by following the below steps: 

  1. Type Windows Security in windows search.
  2. Go to App & browser control
  3. Select the Warn option
  4. Now the Run Anyway button will appear
  5. Once the Plugin is installed then he can move back to Block.

On Outlook 365: after Installing the new plugin, Sentieo is missing from the Ribbon

One specific version of Outlook 365 for Windows which was pre-installed by Microsoft on Windows 10 computers for a few years up to June 2019 has some key features that are silently disabled and which makes Outlook unable to run most 3rd party plugins including ours.

To check if this is your case, go into FILE -> Office Account -> About Outlook, and see if the name of your version ends with “Microsoft Store”.

If this is the case, you will need to switch to the “Click-to-Run” version to enjoy our Outlook plugin.

1- Close All Office Products.

2- Uninstall Sentieo Office Plugins

3- Uninstall Microsoft Office Desktop Apps (follow the instructions in the screenshots below)

4- go to office.com, sign in and select Install Office -> Office 365 Apps.

5- Run the downloaded file to re-install Office 365 in Click-to-Run version.

6- You should now see that the name of your Outlook version is now ending with “Click-to-Run”

7- Close Outlook again, and re-install Sentieo Office Plugins.

8- When you run Outlook, Word, or PowerPoint for the first time after re-installing the plugin, you should be invited to Install the individually with the following screen.

Installation fails with error 0x80070643

If the installation of the Sentieo Plugin fails with the error message below, please try to “Run as Administrator” the installer (right click and select “Run as Administrator”.

Installation fails with error 0x80070659

If the installation of the Sentieo Plugin fails with the error message below, your windows profile configuration is preventing installer software like ours from adding new apps and addins to your system.

Windows is not set up by default to prevent installers like that of our Excel or Office Plugin, except in rare cases such as some types of virtualised desktops offered by Amazon web services. If you are part of a wider organisation with an IT admin team, it could be that your windows profile was altered on purpose to block software installations.

The following steps show how to remove the bar. However, please be aware that this may violate your organization’s IT Security Policies, which is why we strongly advise that you reach out for your IT admin’s assistance and only perform these steps under their supervision.

Steps for registry changes

  1. Download the CreateInitialRegistry.exe file from the below link.
  2. Save the file to any location.
  3. Run it.
  4. 2 files will be created in the same location
    1. DisableMsi.reg
    2. RevertDisableMsi.reg.
  5. Run DisableMsi.reg.
  6. Click on Yes on all the Message Boxes that appear.
  7. You should get the confirmation of a successful registry change (below). if not please contact Sentieo support.

  8. Now run the Sentieo Excel plugin installer again, and PLEASE REMEMBER to run RevertDisableMsi.reg after the installation is completed to revert your computer settings back to their original state.

Technical details about the registry change

The registry key DisableMsi controls if users can install software using Microsoft’s Windows Installer software installation tools; Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Installer

Our tool above creates a back up of the current value for DisableMSI (RevertDisableMsi.reg). We then ask the user to run DisableMSI.Reg file, which will set the value of the key to 0 (basically: disable the disablemsi setting). Then the user should run RevertDisableMsi.reg to return DisableMsi to its original state.

For further details on Microsoft Windows Installer and DisableMsi, please visit the below https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/msi/disablemsi

Updated on September 12, 2021

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