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Monitoring Your Portfolio and Potential Portfolio Additions

Sentieo offers different angles for staying on top of stocks that you follow:

  • Document Search’s keyword alerts allow you to keep tabs on any new documents that contain key phrases. For example, get automatically informed about the next time Berkshire Hathaway repurchases its shares.
  • Adding groups of stocks to watchlists will make those groupings available in News Stream, as explained in the getting started guide. Quickly access news articles, press releases, and curated Tweets from key influencers about your watchlist stocks.
  • Watchlists can be used to setup alerts on new documents being released for those specific watchlist companies: SEC filings, broker research, press releases, transcripts, and unusual price movements.  You can receive an email alert the instant a company’s 10-K is available on EDGAR.  These alerts will be the focus of this article.

Our Watchlist Manager makes it easy to setup alerts on key documents for a large number of stocks.

Adding companies to watchlists

Please refer to the getting started guide on watchlists, alerts, and follows.

Setting up document alerts

You can create multiple watchlists for:

  1. Stocks currently in your portfolio
  2. Stocks that are on your short list for potential inclusion into your portfolio
  3. Stocks that you are watching less actively, such as companies that aren’t currently trading at attractive prices

Note that different levels of alerts can be configured for each watchlist. For example, you can setup stock movement alerts only for stocks in your portfolio.

To configure alerts for an entire watchlist, simply go to Watchlists, Alerts & Follows→ My Watchlists→ (any watchlist)→ Configure Alerts for Entire Watchlist.


You will then be presented with this window:

  • Edge Alerts: Select whether to include stocks in the daily Sentieo Edge email summaries or not.
  • Filing Alerts: To help you manage the number of email alerts received for SEC filings, there are 5 sensitivity levels to choose from: None, Q/K, Key, Most, and Firehose.

    If you require finer granularity on alerts (e.g. you are getting too many alerts for a specific form such as 425), we recommend that you use the email filters provided by your email software.

  • Press Release: Press releases issued by the company via newswires can also be filtered using None, Key, and All.
  • Broker Research: Research reports that mention that particular company.
  • Transcripts: Earnings calls and conference calls.
  • Stock movements: Receive alerts for price movements outside multiple standard deviations of the norm, as well as 52-week highs and lows.
  • Alert Location: Whether you would like to receive alerts in the desktop app, on our mobile apps, via email, or some combination of the three.

Once you’ve configured the level of alerts that you want, click Save.

Repeat this process for other watchlists, if necessary. Applying alert settings to entire watchlists at once can help you manage alerts for a large number of stocks.

Before starting this process, you can click on All Followed Tickers and set the alert level for all of your followed stocks to no alerts. Then, configure alerts on entire watchlists to setup the alerts that you do want.

Updated on August 4, 2017

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