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NLP Heatmaps

NLP Heatmaps expedite the process of uncovering insights from transcripts by making it easy to quickly analyze sentiment by category and subcategory across a set of peers or for an individual company over time.

Getting Started

You can access NLP Heatmaps from the upper right-hand corner of the Smart Summary pane, next to the Table View icon, or from the company profile in Document Search.

ss pane

Time Series

NLP Heatmaps defaults to the Time Series view. 

Column headers refer to the calendar quarter-end date to allow easy comparison of events that took place around the same time.

The heatmap ranges from dark red (most negative, scores between 0 and 25) to dark green (most positive, scores between 75 and 100).  Neutral sentiment (scores between 46 and 55) is yellow, while categories with no data are gray.

Sentieo assigns sentiment at the sentence level.

Document sentiment is computed from sentence level sentiment with custom weights based on categories and frequency of positive and negative sentences.  Document sentiment scores range from 0 (most negative) to 100 (most positive).

time series

  • Click the > to the left of the Category name to expand the list to include subcategories
  • Click on a cell to see the sentences used to calculate the sentiment score

Peer Comparison

From Time Series toggle to the Peer Comparison view.

Peers are pre-populated.  Add peers by typing a ticker into the Add Ticker search.  If you are having trouble finding the correct ticker, use the autocomplete associated with the doc search.

To view the Peer Comparison for a Watchlist add the NLP Heatmaps widget to your Dashboard.


Click the grid icon at the beginning of any Peer Comparison row to view the category or subcategory sentiment for the peers by quarter.

peers time

Snippet Comparison
snippet comparison
Click the pop out icon at the beginning of any row to access the Snippet Comparison View.

comparison view

  • Click the column header to add a column
  • Click the Context button to expand the snippet for more context
  • Simple word searches can be run from the Search box

Heatmap Tips and Tricks

  • Copy/Paste: Highlight the cells you wish to copy and do CTRL + C.  The row and column headers will be included with the paste CTRL + V.
  • Reorder columns: Click on the column header then drag and drop the column to a new location
  • Resize columns: Hover over the right cell border of the column header and slide to make the column wider or narrower
  • Delete columns: Right click a column to remove it from the heatmap
  • Compact view: Toggle between Regular and Compact view using the dropdown in the upper right
  • Full tab view: Use the icon in the upper right corner to expand the heatmap to the full tab
Updated on September 29, 2020

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