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Premium Shareholders

What is it?

We are introducing our first release of Premium Shareholders.

Before, Shareholders data was only available for US tickers. We built it ourselves with publicly available SEC filings. Now, we also offer a new Shareholders dataset, which covers most tickers globally, and which is based on data licensed from Refinitiv

Premium Shareholders include:

  • More tickers: Most tickers on Sentieo are covered (over 87k, breakdown by region below)
  • More owners: Premium Shareholders covers over 560k owners globally. This includes
    • Owners from outside of the US, who are not required to disclose to the SEC their US holdings, and their ownership inside and outside of the US are also covered; 
    • Additional owners such as Hedge Funds and non-US Mutual Funds are also fully covered (previously, full Mutual Funds coverage was limited to US funds).
  • More relevant data: all owners are now categorised by type and subtype, giving insight into their nature and investment style (see detailed list below).
  • Longer history: US data now goes as far back as 1997 (previously: 2014). Non-US data history varies by country (some markets in Asia go back to 1999, but some in Eastern Europe start in 2005).

Basic Shareholders vs Premium Shareholders

Feature Basic Shareholders Premium Shareholders
Coverage holders and holdings of US public equities Global public equities holders and investors (detail by region below)
Holders covered US insiders and 13F filers (funds with >$100m of long positions in US equities) Global insiders and funds, with or without US ownership (500k+)
Timeframe 2014 onwards As early as 1997
Features in Sentieo In EDT
  • Institutional holders (US only)
  • All shareholders (US only)
  • Insiders transactions (US only)
  • Beneficial owners (US only)
  • All shareholders (Globally)
  • Insiders Transactions (US only)
  • Beneficial owners (US only)
Update timing 2-3 days after publication Daily
Benefits for US equities * longer history: 1997 vs 2014 before

* more US based owners: (125,836  vs 90,000 before)

* more complete insight into the portfolio of US institutions inside and outside of the US (eg: Vanguard has now 14,656  entries vs 4,518 before)

* more complete insight into the owners of US equities (eg: AAPL now has 12,373 owners vs 4,057 before)

Who gets it

Premium Shareholders comes as an add-on package, available to anyone subscribing to Sentieo Data Terminal.

Please review the latest price list with Sales and Marketing.

How it works

Accessing Shareholders 

You can access shareholders data from EDT or the Shareholders standalone tab.

  • EDT
    In a ticker’s page, open the “Holders” tab from the left pane and select “All Shareholders”

  • Shareholders
    Select “Shareholders” from the Add Tab “+” menu and type a ticker or a shareholder’s name

Sort results by investor type, % portfolio, change, etc.

Use the arrows to sort results as required. Available categories include Investor names, type, Sub type, number of shares held, % of shares outstanding of the security, notional value of the position, absolute change vs prior disclosure, % change vs prior disclosure, % of the investor’s portfolio, and what source document the data has been collected from.

View historical snapshots

Navigate through history by using the dropdown menu at the top right; It is set to ‘Latest’ by default. Selecting a date will show all the latest positions known on that date.

Jump from a security holders to a shareholders portfolio

Click on the name of any shareholder to show all its known positions.

You can then go back to the previous page by clicking on “Return” in the top left of your screen.

Review historical data

Charts can also be accessed from the charts icons available besides  =number of shares and % of outstanding column values on holders page and Shares or Prn Amt column values in holdings page.

These charts plot the data since the time we started receiving the same (post 1997)

Top Holders 

Top 10 holders for every ticker are also visible on the main EDT summary page on scrolling down

Export snapshot data to Excel

Various sharing options are also available. The tables can be directly imported to excel using the excel button.

Export Historical data to Excel

 The charts can also be shared in various ways, namely-

  • Add to notebook
  • Export to csv
  • Export to Excel
  • Email
  • Export as image



Add to Notebook

From the main shareholder overview page, open the single holding history graph and select “Add to Notebook” from the sharing menu.

Open in Plotter

From the main shareholder overview page, open the single holding history graph and select “Open In Plotter” from the sharing menu.

Send as an Email

From the main shareholder overview page, open the single holding history graph and select “Email” from the sharing menu.


What history is available in the premium pack?

We now offer data starting from 1997 for all US filing types that we cover, including institutional portfolios (13F), mutual fund and pension fund portfolios as well as declarable stakes filings (i.e. 13D, 13G) and international equivalents. Non-US data history will vary by country – for instance, some of our Asian coverage goes back to 1999; our Eastern European coverage goes back to 2005.

What is the difference in coverage?

Basic Shareholders only covers US securities whereas Premium Shareholders is global.

Securities under coverage by Region

Region Basic Shareholders Premium Shareholders Premium Shareholders – History start
US 40,000 42,107 1997
UK N/A 2620 1997
Japan N/A 4018 1997
Canada N/A 3861 1997
Australia (Incl New Zealand) N/A 2196 1997
Africa & Middle East N/A 2738 2005
Europe (excl UK) N/A 7617 2005
Latin America N/A 1984 1999
APAC ex Japan N/A 20,032 1999
Total tickers covered 87,173

Owners coverage by Type

By Investor, Premium Shareholders covers a total of 590k entities, of which 31k are Investment Managers and 361k individuals and insiders. coverage by investor type (as of Sept 10, 2021)

Investor Type Coverage count
Investment Managers 31,427
Bank and Trust 1,469
Endowment Fund 99
Finance Company 6
Foundation 141
Hedge Fund 3,337
Insurance Company 971
Investment Advisor 17,547
Pension Fund 561
Private Equity 2,683
Venture Capital 1,837
Investment Advisor/Hedge Fund 2,698
Sovereign Wealth Fund 78
Brokerage Firms 2,468
Research Firm 1,740
Independent Research Firm 728
Strategic Entities 449,331
Corporation 87,066
Holding Company 815
Individual Investor 361,057
Government Agency 393
Institution sub types 106,924
Mutual Fund 93,424
Hedge Fund Portfolio 9,509
Pension Fund Portfolio 3,991
Total Entities and Sub-Entities 590,150


Updated on November 11, 2021

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