The Sentieo Redlining feature allows you to quickly compare the changes in a period’s filing, allowing you to focus on sections that contain new information. This can be particularly useful if you want to quickly scan through the MD&A or Risk Factors section for changes.



NFLX 2015 10k: Management removed “domestic streaming” from a discussion on growth drivers:

Turn on Redlining

To turn on Redlining Mode, click the Redlining button at the top right and select one of the modes. This button will appear for all EDGAR documents.

Select your preferred Redlining Mode

  • Use X-Ray to highlight all numbers that have changed over time. This is perfect for quickly pulling numbers into financial models.
  • Use All changes to see all text and numerical additions and deletions that have been made, compared to the selected documents.
  • Use Inserts only to just see text and numerical additions that have been made, compared to the selected documents.

Select the document you would like to compare with

10-Ks,10-Qs and Earnings 8-Ks can be compared with prior quarters and years.  Select the appropriate QoQ, QoQ-1, or YoY time period.

To compare any pair of EDGAR documents, copy the Doc ID (Document ID) of the older document into your clipboard.


Note that simply clicking the Doc ID will copy the ID right to your clipboard!

Then, paste the Doc ID into the Custom text box of the newer document and click Apply.

Start reading the document

Strike-through text in red [example]: Text that was in the previous filing but has been removed in the current filing you are viewing

Underlined text in purple [example]: New text that appears in the current filing but was not in the previous filing

Sideways triangles [example]: Hover over these to view a side by side comparison of text from the previous filing and text from the current filing you are viewing

Updated on August 9, 2017

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