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RSS Feed Manager

Make the most of our powerful search/alert capability by adding more content you care about to Document Search.

Use the RSS Feed Manager to quickly add sources relevant to your research from our library of over 800 RSS Feeds.

Access RSS Feed Manager

To get started go to the Document Search Sources dropdown and select RSS Feeds.  Click RSS Feed Manager.


Add Feeds to Document Search

Filter the feeds by clicking on a category on the left or searching for a keyword on the right.  You can select individual feeds by clicking the check box in the relevant rows or select all feeds at once by clicking the check box in the table header.  Once you have made your selections click Add Feed.  The selected feeds will now be available in the Document Search Source filter.

Once a feed is available in the Sources filter it works exactly like any other Sentieo source.  When the content is publicly available Sentieo will capture the entire document even if all the content is not present in the feed.  Your RSS Feeds can be used in Saved Searches and Alerts as well.


Edit Your Selection

If your selections are generating too much noise you can remove feeds by toggling to the My Feeds view and selecting one or more feeds to delete.  Feeds can be added back at any time.


Don’t See What You’re Looking For?

If we don’t have the feed you’re looking for click Add New Feed to submit a request.  Simply give the feed a name, paste in the url, and click submit. Depending on the feed it will either be immediately available or appear as Pending or Rejected in the My Feeds view of the RSS Feed Manager.  Pending feeds are normally processed in one business day.


Feeds can always be renamed or removed so don’t worry about adding something you might not want to keep forever.

Adding RSS Feeds FAQs

What if my feed remains in Pending for more than one business day?

Please contact Customer Success.  To expedite the response please have the url of the feed handy.

What if my feed is Rejected or a source I want does not have an RSS Feed?

Please contact Customer Success.  Sentieo is always adding new content, and we are happy to prioritize customer requests.

Updated on December 19, 2020

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