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Saved Searches

Each and every query you spend time building in Sentieo’s Document Search can easily be saved with a couple clicks. These Saved Searches can be rerun at a later time, added to a Dashboard widget, shared with team members, and set to send email alerts and/or desktop notifications.

Creating Saved Searches

To save a search query and all of its parameters, click on the search menu on the right side of the search button and click Save Search.

save search 1

In the new pop-up window, you can rename your search and set up alerts.

Alert options include:

  • Realtime: email and/or desktop
  • Daily Digest: a daily summary of all the alerts for the Saved Search sent at your specified time
  • Weekly Digest: a weekly summary of all the alerts for the Saved Search sent at your specified day and time
  • Custom Digest: select multiple days per week and up to three times each day to receive an email summary of all the alerts for the Saved Search

Saved Search Alert emails show each mention of your search term in the document with a link to open it in Sentieo. If you access the email from a mobile device, clicking on the link will open up the Sentieo mobile app to the document.

Once you have named the Saved Search and selected your preferred alert settings, click Save.

Loading Saved Searches

To load a saved search, click on the search menu on the right side of the search button and click Load Search.

Run any one of your Saved Searches by selecting it from the displayed list.

save search 3

From this same screen, you can change your email alert settings and turn desktop notifications on/off by clicking the checkbox.

Edit, Share or Delete your search via the Actions menu.

save search 4

On Edit your search will load and run. Make your desired changes, rerun the search to confirm the results are as expected, and then click Save Search. Saving with the same name will overwrite the original search.

On Share you will be asked to select an individual (begin typing their name into the autocomplete) or team (select from the options provided) to share the search with.

If you want the recipient to be updated with any future edits you make to the saved search just check the Enable Automatic Updates box.

save search 5

Cloning is available for shared searches. When you clone a search you become the owner of your copy. You can now set alerts, edit and share the search with others.

Saving & Loading Search Filters

You can also save only sets of search filters. Unlike a Saved Search, loading search filters will not overwrite your existing tickers or existing search query.

To save just your search filters, click Save Current Filters at the bottom of the Filters menu

save search 6

Give your Saved Filters a title and click Save at the bottom. Check the Save as Default Filter box to have this filter applied to all your searches, or load the saved filter as needed by clicking on the Filters dropdown menu and selecting the title from the list.

save search 7

Updated on November 9, 2021

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