Sentieo V4.0

New Year, new features and enhancements to the Sentieo corporate and financial research platform! In this release you’ll find more data sources and integrations, plus smarter dashboards to centralize insights and company/sector tracking.

Your questions, suggestions, and requests about this release or the platform in general are always welcome! Use the Live Support channel in the product or email us. You can find all previous release notes here.

Release Highlights

New Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Regulatory Data

Widen your research lens to improve your returns and strategy using new data sources, including life sciences references and abstracts from PubMed and news and announcements from FDA and EPA.

Microsoft Office Suite Plugins

Streamline compliance and the protection of intellectual property with a new suite of plugins that make it easy to capture and tag Microsoft Office documents–Outlook emails, Word documents, and Powerpoint presentations–in the Sentieo Notebook for a friction-free research workflow.

Enhanced Dashboard Interface

Ensure no insights are missed for individual companies, portfolios, peer watchlists, and sectors with a new Dashboard interface and widget library that makes it easy to create multiple dashboards to monitor documents and news, notes and research management, pricing and financials, and graphs.

Document Search


New Content Sources

We continue to add new data and content sources to Sentieo to make your research and analysis workflow more efficient and productive. We’ve expanded our professional journal and regulatory coverage with the addition of:

  • PubMed: Covering over 800,000 documents and more than 20 years of history, this source primarily includes the MEDLINE database of references and abstracts on life sciences and biomedical topics from the database maintained by The United States National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health maintains. 
  • US Food & Drug Administration (FDA): Covering almost 2,000 documents and 6 years of history, this source covers Press Announcements, Warning Letters, and Recalls, Market Withdrawals & Safety Alerts 
  • US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Covering over 4,000 documents, and 3 years of history, this source covers Press Releases, Superfund & Brownfield Updates, and Compliance & Enforcement notices.

New Language Filter

We’ve added the ability to add a language filter to your document search so only documents in the selected language(s) will be returned.




Search Autocomplete

We’ve added an autocomplete feature to the search toolbar, making it easier to automatically search across all of the filterable categories within your Notebook. Read more here.


Notify Button

We’re making it easier to control when your notes are shared. Note owners now have the option to manually choose to send a notification email when inviting users or teams to a note. Read more here

File Version History

Similar to note versioning (which lets you browse all previous versions of a note), you can now browse all previous versions of files uploaded to your Notebook. Read more here.

Managing Your Trash

When you delete a note or file, it is moved to your Notebook’s trash. Notes and files can now be removed from your trash and permanently removed from your account. Please note that removing contents from your trash does not remove the data from our servers. Read more here


Document Search

You can now run a search query in Document Search directly from the Notebook search bar. Read more here.

Note Attachments

File formats determine if Sentieo can process and generate a preview of the content in Notebook. We have added additional support for previously unsupported file types, even if the contents cannot be processed and made viewable in Sentieo. The file will remain appended to the note and can be downloaded to your local machine for viewing. 

Print Layout Mode

We have added a new Print Layout mode so that you can see what the layout of the note content will look like when printed.

Timestamp Metadata

Note metadata now includes both create and last update timestamps.

Equity Data Terminal (EDT)


Excel Plugin

We are introducing new features for our Excel Plugin to make it easier for you to expedite your research and analysis:

New Formula Builder: Our new formula builder design simplifies navigation through the hundreds of stock and data fields available to you following the enhancement to our fundamental data set in EDT in late October 2019. Read more here.

formula builder

  • New ticker finder with filters: The new ticker finder provides more context around the ticker, and allows you to filter out non-primary securities and quotes
  • New field menu with filters: The new field menu is organized with tabs and industry types. Fields are in the same order as they appear in the financial statement waterfall, making it easier than ever to find the fields and sources you need.

Additional Consensus Data

(Currently only available for Screener and Excel Plugin)

  • Analyst recommendations: We’ve added analyst consensus recommendations according to two scales:
    • Number of Overweight, Equal Weight, and Underweight
    • Number of Strong Buy, Buy, Hold Sell, and Conviction Sell (5 to 1)
  • Long Term Growth (LTG) consensus forecasts: When available, we’ve added the LTG forecast, a number directly provided by the sell-side analyst that is usually defined as the growth over a period of 3 to 5 years.
  • High and low: Dates of the last 52 week high and low were added to the Excel Plugin


  • Easily spot trends in consensus and a company’s tendency to beat or miss expectations with additional dropdown lines for the metrics in the Consensus Model, including % beat/miss and latest mean, median, high, low, standard deviation, and the number of contributors for each period.
  • We’ve enhanced our model auditability with further drill downs in the EDT Audit pop-ups
  • EDT info bubbles now also highlight when a company changes reporting currency


  • The Funding Rounds section now has a full detailed list of all the known investors in the round, not just the major ones

Microsoft Office Suite Plugins

We are introducing the Sentieo Plugins for Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Powerpoint.

Designed to seamlessly upload your Office content to your Sentieo Notebook to support intellectual property protection and/or compliance requirements, you can now tag and send an email, Word document, or PPT with a single click into the Notebook. The Outlook Plugin also allows you to automatically send all sent emails into the Notebook. Read more here.

outlook plugin

Table Explorer


TableX Manager (BETA)

Our new TableX Manager is a centralized way to Search, Launch, Share, or Export tables to either Plotter or Excel. Note that this feature is in Beta.


  • Saved Tables: Maintain your own cleaned up datasets from filings with the save functionality. The system will remember any edits (e.g., number changes, merged rows) for future use.
  • Plotter Integration with Automatic Updates: Visualize any saved Table Explorer series easily in Plotter. To facilitate comparable analysis, any chart you save will have its series update automatically when new filings are released.


  • Row mapping logic for Cash Flow tables (tables with long section headers)
  • Added vertical output of all tables in the document when using “Download All” in document
  • Added horizontal output of all ‘as reported’ tables when downloaded from Table Explorer to Excel



Private Company Data (BETA)

We’ve added the ability to search for private company data on the Sentieo mobile app! Search for private company news and press releases using Document Search as well as the Notebook. Note that this feature is in Beta as we continue to expand the types of documents and data available in Sentieo for private companies.

Structured Fields in Notebook

Structured field tables will now be visible on mobile (iPhone & iPad). Please note that the Structured Fields in Mobile are currently view-only


  • Universal Links: Any links opened from email alerts will now drop you into the correct part of the mobile app. This will primarily impact filing and saved search alerts
  • Improved Note Tagging Interface: We redesigned the note tagging flow, making it easier to find tickers across public and private entities, and to create tags more seamlessly
  • Notebook Performance Upgrades: if you have a large volume of notes, you should see a significant improvement in performance while scrolling through notes

For more information around these new features and improvements, read more here.



Automatic Updates of KPI’s extracted through Table Explorer

Any series that you extract from filings (via Table Explorer) will now have its data updated automatically when a new filing comes out.


  • Spreadsheet Mode Improvements: Clicking on a series in the chart will launch spreadsheet mode, making it easier to make adjustments to outliers. We also added the ability to delete values in spreadsheet mode
  • Fred Macro in Templates: You can now save macro series, like the 10-Year Treasury or WTI Crude prices, in your templates
  • Speed Improvements on Watchlists: We have seen upwards of a 90% reduction in loading time for watchlist series 



New Dashboard

We’ve simplified the process of creating Dashboards by reducing the number of Dashboard types from three to one. We’ve also added the ability to create multiple Dashboards for different sectors or use cases. For example, you can have a Saved Search widget for “churn” on a SaaS Dashboard while having a widget for “Promotional Activity” on your Retail Dashboard. Learn more here.


  • Plotter Template Widgets: Create your own chart widgets by porting Plotter templates into the Dashboard.
  • Adding and Linking Watchlists: Add a watchlist to the Price Monitor directly from the search box at the top of the Dashboard, then easily navigate through the data for individual companies in the watchlist by clicking on a company in the Price Monitor


  • Speed Improvement: Dashboards should load over 2x faster than previously
  • Price Monitor Improvements: The Search box is now linked to the Price Monitor, making it easier to add and remove watchlists, and your watchlists’ expand and collapse settings will now be remembered
  • Widget Manager: Improved categorizations and added search



Private Company Alternative Data

We have mapped over 1000 private companies in Mosaic, giving you an understanding of business trends at opaque private companies. For example, Airbnb data shows that their business is accelerating ahead of a potential IPO next year:


Watchlist & Alerts 


We have added the option to subscribe to Alerts for only the final version of a transcript.

Updated on April 2, 2020

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