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Sentieo Cheat Sheet

Hi there, here’s a list of our team’s favorite Sentieo Features and a cheat sheet for you on how to use them!

Doc Search Favorites

Time Series

Time Series will detect the same set of rows in tables across multiple SEC filings.  The example below shows CMG’s restaurant count over time:

The Time Series interface allows you to view every source table and see the exact cell that the data originated from.  In the example below, the cell with the green background corresponds to the data point in the data series.

This makes it easy to audit where the data is coming from.  Note that Time Series may not work if the company has changed its reporting or if the company has moved the goalposts around.  Auditing the numbers will help you spot any problems.

Note that increasing the number of rows will cause Time Series to slow down.  We recommend trying 1-4 rows first before trying every row in a table- this will help spot potential problems with a table structure that changes over time.  Also note that large requests will take more time.

Please visit https://sentieo.com/video.html?196529993 for a 3-minute how-to video on using Time Series (or click the video below and full-screen it).


The Sentieo Redlining feature allows you to efficiently compare changes in a period’s filing, allowing you to focus on sections that contain new information. his can be particularly useful if you want to quickly scan through the MD&A or Risk Factors section for changes.

Redlining is currently available for 10K’s,10Q’s, earning 8K’s, and proxy filings


NFLX 2015 10k: Management removed “domestic streaming” from a discussion on growth drivers:

Step 1: Turn on Redlining

To turn on Redlining mode, click the Menu button at the top right of the document (10-K or 10-Q) you are viewing and hover over the Redlining section.

Step 2: Select one of the various modes

There are a few different modes depending on the type of changes you would like to see:

Step 3: Select the time period you would like to compare with

Annual reports: 10-K’s can be compared to annual reports for the past two years.

Quarterly reports: 10-Q’s can be compared year over year or the previous quarter’s filing. At this time, Q1 10-Q’s can only be compared to quarterly reports for the past two years, but we will be adding the ability to compare with Q3 in the future.

Step 4: Start reading the document

Strike-through text in red: Text that was in the previous filing but has been removed in the current filing you are viewing

Underlined text in purple: New text that appears in the current filing but was not in the previous filing

Sideways triangles: Hover over these to view a side by side comparison of text from the previous filing and text from the current filing you are viewing.

Saved Search Alerts

With Sentieo you can create search alerts for specific keywords, so you can always stay on top of your tickers.  To save a search alert click on the floppy disk icon to the right of the query textbox.

In the menu that appears, deselect the boxes for realtime alerts if you do not wish to receive them.


Notebook Favorites

Sentieo Web Clipper

Our Web Clipper allows you to instantly save online articles to your Sentieo Notebook and tag them with a specific ticker or hashtag.  This is perfect for those moments where you come upon an article you want to read through, but don’t have time this instant.  Please click here to download the Sentieo Web Clipper extension for your Google Chrome browser.

Once installed, you will see a Sentieo icon in the top right toolbar. When you find a web page or PDF you would like to save to your notebook, simply click the Web Clipper button on your Chrome menu bar.

From within the clipper, you can:

  • Modify the title
  • Add tickers and tags
  • Add a comment
  • Mark the clipping as important with a Star
  • Share your clipping with teammates

The main contents of the article will save to your notebook as a new note. These notes can be accessed via the Clipped Notes category on the navigation bar.

Drag and Drop Highlight Inserts

Spent hours reading and highlighting?  You can quickly insert those highlights into a note with Sentieo without having to copy/paste!  When putting together a note that requires your highlighted content from multiple documents, the Insert Highlights feature allows you to conveniently access relevant highlights and drag and drop them directly into your note.

In this example, I’ve inserted highlights labeled with “ideas” into a note:


Updated on August 4, 2017

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