Sentieo Connect FAQs

Who can Access Sentieo Connect?

Most of our customers can access Sentieo Connect features. Please speak to your Sentieo account manager or to the CSM team via the support chat. They will turn it on for you.

Do I need Sentieo Data Terminal to access Sentieo Connect features?

No, but it is strongly recommended. Many of the most powerful features of Sentieo Connect come from mixing up your data with Sentieo FinData.

  • The best dashboards need financial data; For example, a powerful Price Monitor you can build would have:
    • Consensus Price Target, next to User Price Target, and a custom expression % Upside
    • Consensus EPS, next to User EPS estimate, and a custom expression % Upside
    • Etc.
  • In Notebook: similar tables can be built (comparing your numbers to consensus).
  • Screener and Plotter only work with the Sentieo Data Terminal. These features are also now enhanced with your own data; for example, you could very quickly filter out the investable universe according to a metric

Of course, you could eventually download a consensus from another Data Terminal product, and upload all that data into Sentieo using Sentieo Connect. But you will need to maintain Excel models, and do this upload every day for every stock you need, in order to keep your dashboard updated, and you will miss out powerful features like Plotter and Screener, the Financial model Flexer and Valuation tools from the Equity Data Terminal, and the Relative Performance module allowing you to simulate portfolio EV/Sales and P/E ( as well as many more metrics) over time.

If you’d like to unlock the value we mention above by adding in the Sentieo Data Terminal package, please speak with your Sentieo sales representative about upgrading.

What File Sizes do we Support?

We have stress-tested Sentieo Connect upload with files of over 120,000 data points. Our technology should in theory be able to support even bigger files but we have not tested those limits further. 120,000 data points represents a very large file (a full financial model for example would hardly exceed 70,000 data points, based on 10 years of quarterly and annual data for income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements of 500 lines each); we anticipate most file sizes are more likely to be 500 datapoints at the high end.

What Symbol / Tickers Types are Supported?

Sentieo Connect lets you input Sentieo Tickers, ISIN, CUSIP, Bloomberg Tickers, Refinitiv RIC, Open Figi and Refinitiv PermID among other symbology universes. 

Do we Support Portfolios/Position Files?

Yes. Sentieo lets you upload one portfolio and as many watchlist/focus lists as you like. We’d love to help out. Please share with Sentieo a sample of your portfolio report export; we can review it together and onboard it with Sentieo.

Typically, we expect to find in the file a column structure and the following information

  • Snapshot day/as of date/ observation date terminology: when was this snapshot of the positions taken
  • Ticker/Security/CUSIP/ISIN/SEDOL (required): one or more columns with an identifier for the security
  • Security name: Name of the security owned.
  • Security type: Common Stock, Equity, Debt, Bond, ETN, etc..
  • Position type: Typically: Long or Short
  • Owned amount / Quantity: the number of securities owned or shorted (negative number).
  • Average paid price / Average bought price: if the position was built over time, the average price at which the currently held securities were bought.

Except for the Security Identifier, everything else is optional. For example, we can assume that the observation date is today. We can also create Sentieo Connect Fields for every other field.

With this data in the system, you can also create Custom Expressions combining your fields to Sentieo Market data (eg: Position Value = Quantity Owned x Stock Price).

How Many Portfolios can I Upload on Sentieo Connect?

Sentieo lets you upload one portfolio and as many watchlist/focus lists as you like. In Price Monitor, you can aggregate the tickers according to their watchlist or any other data (ex. GICS, trading venue, HQ country, or custom fields you will have created such as scores, ratings, or analyst coverage).

In the next few months, we will also offer extended support for portfolios and you will be able to upload and maintain on Sentieo as many portfolios as you like, with the ability to also define benchmarks for comparison purposes directly within Price Monitor.

Can I Use my Data in Notebook?

We are planning to extend the use of data uploaded or created with Sentieo Connect onto Sentieo Notebook. We will introduce this feature as part of a Beta program in May 2022, and we are planning to release it to all users towards the end of June 2022.

If you are interested in joining the Notebook beta program, please speak to your Customer Success representative.

Can I use Sentieo Conenct Features on Mobile?

Sentieo Connect features are not available in our mobile app during this beta. Mobile functionality is currently planned for mid-year 2022.

Is Currency Conversion Currently Supported?

Not currently. Sentieo Connect metrics will support currency conversions at a later date, but this feature has not yet been implemented.

This means that in the Excel Plugin, the optional parameter “curr=XXX” will not affect the results.

Likewise, on the Price Monitor widget, if you change the Dashboard settings to show data in anything other than the reporting currency, numbers won’t be automatically converted, and custom expressions may produce unexpected results. Please be mindful of this when looking at companies that have a different trading currency than its reporting currency such as STMicroelectronics (STM:FP), or Shopify (SHOP:CN).

Is Sentieo Connect an Uploader for Thesis fields?

No. Sentieo Connect is a new infrastructure which is separate from Thesis fields. We believe it delivers an enhanced experience over Thesis in Notebook and Price Monitor and expands the potential use cases, since data uploaded on Sentieo Connect can be used in all our other tools, including Plotter, Excel, and Screener.

If you are using Thesis fields at the moment, please mention it to your Customer Success representative. We can discuss potentially migrating your old data to Sentieo Connect if it is the best approach to meet your needs.

How does using Sentieo Connect custom user data compare to Thesis fields?

Sentieo Connect is a much more comprehensive solution; It makes uploading data into Sentieo easier. Outside of Notebook currently, it also makes the data available everywhere, including in our visualization and analytics tools.

Our goal is that Sentieo Connect offers you:

    • A frictionless way to create integrated workflows between two or more of Dashboard, Price Monitor, Notebook, Plotter, Excel Add-In, and Screener,
    • An ideal method to upload and share with your colleagues both internally generated data along with any other datasets you are licensed to use but are not readily available in Sentieo.

Sentieo Connect vs Thesis Fields


Updated on April 13, 2022

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