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Sentieo iOS 8.4

July 31, 2021

Your Research Workflow – Pushed to You

In this month’s release, the Sentieo team is excited to introduce several new features to our iPhone app! In this upcoming version, these features are built around one theme: to ensure that the most relevant information is being pushed directly to you.

Pre/Post-Market Briefing

In our brand new Pre/Post-market briefing feature, this summary allows you to customize what type of data would appear in each briefing (i.e. social news, documents, keyword searches, watchlist updates, and market information) before the start of the market and after the close.

You can access the pre/post-market briefing in several ways: via push notification, or through Sentieo’s Notification Center.

The Pre-Market Briefing will aggregate relevant information pertaining to your starred watchlist, such as any tickers that may have upcoming earnings or relevant social news (i.e. tweets and articles).

The Post-Market Briefing will aggregate all of the activity that occurred throughout the day into one convenient summary. It will contain relevant price information pertaining to your starred watchlists and markets, in addition to getting up to speed on any keyword matches from your saved searches.

Most importantly, this feature will give you full control of the information that would populate in each briefing. You will have the ability to rearrange briefing sections, turn them on/off, and specify the time zone and time range for when you want to receive your briefings!

iOS widgets

Another feature we’re thrilled to release is the Sentieo widgets for iPhone. This feature will allow you to instantly get updated on information that’s relevant to you. The widgets will come in four different options:

  1. Upcoming Earnings
  2. Watchlists
  3. Quick Access
  4. Markets

Like any standard iOS widget, you’ll be able to import any of our widgets into your Home Page or Today’s View. Tapping on a widget will navigate you directly to that portion of the app, so that you can do additional research if necessary.  Additionally, each widget will come in various sizes, so that you can find the right one for you.

These widgets will allow you to quickly view data directly on your Home Page, instead of having to navigate to the app.

Tappable/Linked Tickers

Included in this July release, we’re including the ability for all tickers at any page in the iPhone app to be clickable. By doing so, it will navigate the user to the ticker’s Overview page, so that they can continue to do research on it

  • For instance, one of the example workflows that they had was viewing the upcoming earnings section, viewing the event details, and then tapping on the ticker link to be able to view the company overview page to get caught up on relevant news, documents, and quick financials

Scatterplot Graph

We’ve bolstered our Comparable Analysis tool within the iPhone by allowing Scatterplot functionality to any set of comparables.

Simply add your tickers/watchlists and load a financial metric view to create a visualization of how those companies rank against each other in our scatterplot. This tool is extremely helpful when comparing one or more companies!

Updated on August 3, 2021

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