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Sentieo November 2021 Release Notes

November 15, 2021

Integration, flexibility, and control over your Sentieo experience continue to be key themes as we enhance the Sentieo platform. This month we are excited to announce our integration with Microsoft Teamsboth the ability to share your Sentieo documents and notes in Teams conversations, as well as search for them directly from within our new Teams app. We are also introducing new on demand reports for notebook activity and research report readership. 

Microsoft Teams Integration 

In our continued effort to integrate Sentieo with popular cloud storage and collaboration services, we are pleased to announce the roll out of our Microsoft Teams integration. Like our Slack integration released earlier this year, our Sentieo for Teams integration helps alleviate the friction of having to switch between the two apps.

Once connected, your Sentieo notes and Teams conversations are brought together seamlessly, allowing you to leverage the power of Teams for communication and collaboration while also allowing you to search, share, and discuss your Sentieo notes and documents directly in Teams. 

Find out more about the Microsoft Teams integration here

New Notebook Reports

We have introduced the ability for admin and compliance users to generate reports on demand for notebook activity and research report readership data. Reports can be customized to cover a specific date range and group(s), and are delivered to your email for easy access.

Learn more about the new Notebook Reports here.

New ESG Sources

We continue to build out our ESG document coverage with the addition of news releases from the Global Reporting Initiative and CDP and reports from the United Nations Global Compact.  

Let us know if we are missing your preferred sources for ESG data via Live Support or your Customer Success Representative.

Saved Search Alert Digest Emails

You can now increase the frequency of alerts for the searches most important to you without cluttering your Inbox. With custom digests for saved search alerts you can select multiple days of the week and up to three times a day to receive a saved search alert email.

Learn more about saved search alerts here.

News Aggregation in Alerts

If you have been using the Aggregate News checkbox to declutter your results list in Document Search, you’ll be glad to hear that you can now opt in to the same clean view for your saved search digest alerts.

You can learn more about the Aggregate News feature, including how to enable it for your news Alerts, here.

Updated on November 15, 2021

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