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Sentieo September 2021 Release

September 10, 2021

It’s been a busy month for our product and engineering teams as we continue to evolve the Sentieo platform to support your research workflow and daily productivity, including more data sources and more control over your Sentieo experience.

Premium Shareholders Data

Premium Shareholders Data is now available in the Sentieo platform! This new dataset includes global Shareholders coverage and is offered as an optional add-on to your Sentieo solution.

In comparison to the Basic Shareholders Data that covers U.S. tickers and is included with Sentieo Data Terminal subscriptions, Premium Shareholders includes:

  • More Tickers: Coverage of most tickers on the Sentieo platform, based in the U.S. and across the globe
  • More Owners: Coverage of owners from outside the U.S. (who are not required to disclose their U.S. holdings to the SEC) as well as their ownership across the globe, plus additional owners such as Hedge Funds and non-U.S. Mutual Funds
  • More Relevant Data: All owners are now categorized by type and subtype, providing insight into their nature and investment style (e.g., Long Short Hedge Fund)
  • Longer History: Our U.S. shareholders data now goes as far back as 1997 (previously: 2014), and non-U.S. data history varies by country (some markets in Asia go back to 1999 and some in Eastern Europe start in 2005)

For more details, including a summary of the advantages of Premium Shareholders over Basic Shareholders, visit the Support Center article here. Contact your Sentieo sales representative for Premium Shareholders pricing.

Dashboard Integration: ETF and Mutual Fund Holdings

We’ve expanded the availability of ETF and Mutual Fund Holdings across our dashboard widget library, including:

    • Document-Based Widgets:  All Documents, Broker Research, Company Filings, LexisNexis Articles, News Articles, Presentations, RSS Feed, Press Releases, Transcripts, Tweets
    • Notebook-Related Widgets: Notebook Activity, Document Highlights, Company Thesis, Company Summary
    • Earnings Calendar

To add an ETF or Mutual Fund, simply type its name in the autocomplete bar, select it in the “ETF/MF Holdings” section, and the portfolio constituents will be applied to the results automatically.

New Notebook Experience

We are excited to begin the process of modernizing your Notebook experience:

Notebook UI Facelift

Our new, clean user interface design is the start of a continued effort to make the Notebook easier to use.

  • A stronger foundation: The design update moves the Notebook to a new codebase that’s faster, more stable, and reliable. We’ll be able to fix bugs quicker and release new features more often.
  • A clean, modern look: We’ve incorporated user feedback as well as design principles found in modern note-taking and productivity apps to build a product that is both easier on the eye and more efficient at helping users locate the features they need.
  • More configurability and control over your Notebook’s appearance: You can toggle between snippet and list view with the ability to control the information presented, and the introduction of collapsible note headers and panes allows for a more focused view with less distractions.

Read more about the new Notebook experience here.

Improved RMS Notification Settings

Sharing and collaboration related email notifications can be overwhelming, making it difficult to separate signals from the noise.  We’ve introduced more control over your RMS focused notifications, allowing you to fine tune the notifications that are most important to you and your team. Learn more about notification settings here.

@Mentions in Comments

If you’d like to call someone’s attention to a comment, you can type the @ symbol, followed by their name, while writing your comment. The user will be added to the conversation and will also receive an email notification letting them know you’ve mentioned them in a comment.

Working with Comments

To view all notes where comments have been made, simply click on the new Comments inbox to filter for a list of notes containing comments.

New Doc Viewer

The Doc Viewer has also gotten a facelift. Aside from the new styling we have streamlined the menus for easier navigation and maximum reading space.

Price Monitor Organization

We’ve rolled out three new ways to improve the organization of your Price Monitor:

  • Group By: Organize your portfolios by any field of choice
  • Kanban Board: See all your portfolio companies in different columns by any field of choice with our new kanban view
  • Aggregation: Choose the aggregation method at the group level for all the fields in the Price Monitor

Access these features by right clicking on any column header in the Price Monitor. Find out more about these Price Monitor updates here.

Company Summary Widget

We have added a new widget which gives you a quick overview of any company, including financials, earnings history, and analyst recommendations.

Sentieo Desktop App

We are rolling out a new Sentieo Desktop App for Google Chrome users that can be installed by clicking on the blue install button in the Chrome URL bar or on Desktop App in the Help dropdown menu. Learn more about downloading and using the new Sentieo Desktop App here.

@Mentions Added to Mobile Apps

When commenting on a note or highlight in our Mobile apps, you can now use the @mention functionality to notify a specific user or group of the conversation. This will generate mobile and email alerts letting the user or group know that you have mentioned them.

Updated on September 11, 2021

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